Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Obama: Modest, Diplomatic and a class orator

In the recent past, the festive season brought lot of happiness and most importantly firmness in the Indo-US relations. The White House guardian, Senate Barack Hussein Obama, paid homage to the nation in general and the father of the nation specifically. He put an end to all prior speculations on his stand on Indo-US relations, Kashmir issue, Indo-Pak relations and many more. He proved again to be a class orator and a very good diplomat, when he changed his stance in the Delhi auditorium after his prior conduct in Washington and Mumbai which was opposed by some parties in India. One thing was admirable and that is the Knowledge of Obama and his reverence for the father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi. It is the undiscriminating attitude and regard of the peace loving soul for the humanity, irrespective of the caste, color or creed, which makes him undoubtedly an ideal man. Another mirthful comment was the presence of a comrade in the gathering. Obama stressed on strong Indo-US relations and employment generation which was dubious to some extend.
What we envisioned in him is different than what he is. His speech was awe inspiring, motivational and full of veneration. He is the first person to affirm by saying: “Who says that India is a developing nation? In fact India is already a developed nation and deserves a permanent seat in UN Security Council.” Although his admission of India deserving permanent membership is opposed by some nations, it is still a welcome step. He added, “Fusion of world’s largest and oldest Democracies is mandatory to stabilize and rediscover the world.” I feel proud and on top of the world when someone who is not a native Indian respects India, its culture, people and its contribution to the world in different forms. At the same time I feel ashamed when an Indian becomes a maverick, be it a moist or a terrorist. Both the countries have mutual benefits of a good relation. The communism in China, and its suspecious and irresponsible role to support N Korea raises a question mark on Sino-US relations. But USA and India are democracies and are natural allies. In other words both are inevitable part of each other’s welfares.
Today, from top to the bottom you will find Indian representation, be it affluence, impoverishment, cultural richness, secularism, business representation, economic growth, technology, or anything else. But corruption is also there and holds a place in the long list which is a serious matter of concern. Choose any X Y Z field, we have attained acme in some and will achieve in the rest. No one can beat us and I affirm by saying “Catch Us If You Can”. Even Obama’s “Buffalo to Bangalore” comment is contradicted by his speech when he said that the digital world is India’s proprietary as ZERO (which represents 50% of the digital technology) is India’s find and contribution to the world. In totality, Obama’s visit is a win-win situation for India.
Obama’s definition of India is different than our definition of modern India. On top of his awe inspiring and laudatory words for shining India the biggest concern is the growing poverty, unemployment, growing urban as well as slum population and many more issues which need to be addressed as early as possible. It is noticed in the recent past that the business families in India are ready to shower millions on the Bollywood actress/actor for a simple marriage ceremony. Now the question is that, if a ‘guthka business family’ can spend millions of dollars in a marriage just to entertain and have Bollywood, why can’t they give some part of it back to the society from which they are generating this. Why can’t we Indian entrepreneurs invest in India rather than investing in foreign land? When the world looks at India Inc. a profitable market, why you are not able to visualize the fact and understand the criticality of the matter. In the recenthet past we have seen lot of foreign investment which is bouncing the SENSEX. Top nations which contributed to it are Mauritius, Cyprus, and USA. India has lot of potential of higher returns on investment because of being underdeveloped. Infrastructure is one of the areas which require lot of attention. Growing need of wider roads and alternative means of transport like metros, bullet trains etc. which will consequently imply that our energy needs will grow. This can act as a food of thought for the entrepreneurs, incumbent Govt. and the struggling politicians and the opposition. We need to be generous enough to do something for the society and the people of India. Moreover the bottom line is that every Indian needs to think on those lines by imparting awareness among people and increasing literacy rate. We should educate people to believe in nuclear families. There is no point is crying horse if we can’t contribute to the society.
I was guessing the same what happened immediately after Obama’s visit was over। The UPA Govt put an end to the baffling story of corruption. I thought the crescendo is yet to be achieved to sack The CWG chairman, The Spectrum Raja and The CM of Maharashtra. It was high time when some action was expected from the Govt. after the uproar in the parliament and mayhem in the media and public. Opposition is forcing to have a joint parliamentary committee to investigate the matter but already cornered Govt. is reluctant to entertain the demand. Let us see what will happen in the near future, but what we can say right now is that Indo-US relations are bound to grow considering the nature of challenges faced by both the nations.