Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Healing by Ayurvedic way of eating.

Greetings! Its been a while i posted a lengthy one. I got so much engrossed in Facebook,LinkedIn,Twitter etc that i almost forgot about my blog. Today i felt like writing a post with patience and probably revisit, correct and then post. I thought about writing about health, the most ignored by me and first of its kind on this site. 

Health is the most ignored but the most important aspect of life. We all focus more on our dreams and slowly we get so much addicted to our achievements that we start ignoring our health till it hits us back. I am no different and last couple of years were very tough on me. Being an Indian i don't shy away from revealing by health records.

Since my teenage i was struggling with occasional GERD(Gastroesophageal reflux disease). It was not severe till the last year of my college when i started visiting a doctor and as usual doctors prescribed proton pump inhibitors. These PPI's were of no use as i felt they didn't work on me. As you read till the end you will understand why they don't work and worsen the situation. The disease was mild and use to go away in couple of days. Moreover even doctors had no permanent fix.

One day i went to a Shiva temple and it was visible from my upset face that i am not completely well. The priest asked me, Why am i upset? To which i responded that i have stomach issues and feeling heartburn. He took out a black root and asked me to chew on it. I got scared and first i refused to take it. He convinced me that it is bitter but won't harm my stomach. He also said,"A mother can harm her baby but this root will never harm your stomach". Halfheartedly i started chewing and not to my surprise it was so bitter that it seized up my senses for a minute or so. To my surprise it was a great relief. Actually it was Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and i got raw material from a shop and fried that in castor oil till it turns brown and create a powdered medicine for use. The dosage was half T spoon with warm water first think in the morning. I was completely well after few weeks of regular use and then i took only when i had the problem. Haritaki is one of the ingredients of Triphala(meaning three fruits). The other two are Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki(Terminalia belerica). Triphala is an ayurvedic medicine readily available as a tablet and in powder form.

10 years later there were few more complications which i had to deal with on an urgent basis. In 2018 i was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. I had a borderline cholesterol, was overweight and hypertension problem too. I had sleepless nights, palpitations and anxiety too. Hyperthyroidism was too bad and the doctor controlled it using steroids. I pondered over my health and told myself enough is enough. I have to do something to get back to shape. It was an uphill task for a foodie, surrounded by delicious food all around myself.

Nevertheless I started going for a jogging and playing tennis but my knees started hurting. I thought let me go to Gym and start weight training as jogging is not good for my knees. After about a week i got up with a swollen wrist and i gave up all what i started. Don't be disheartened, i won't give up so early. I again started but slowly. I regularly started going to Gym but it bumped up my appetite and my weight was hovering around 235 pounds. Nothing changed at all. 

Last couple of years i have started fasting for Navratris (Nine Nights of Goddess Durga). I eat once a day Potato/Sago,Milk and Fruits/Carrot. This gave me confidence that i can cut down on food and follow a strict diet. In March 2020 during self-quarantine i had strict fasting with minimal food and i lost around 10 pounds down to 218 pounds. It was a confidence booster. I never thought of weight loss till i decided to relieve my knee of extra pounds. While watching a video of  Sadguru , i heard him saying human body is not an eating machine. Your Stomach is not a dump yard where you put whatever you feel and whenever you like. He said," Yogi Ek Bar Bhogi Do bar(Monk Once and Others Twice)". This thing struck my mind. I decided to eat twice a day which was very much possible especially during lockdown. I mixed 16 hours intermittent fasting to my plan. I decided to follow an Ayurvedic way of eating. First meal at 10 am and second meal at 6 pm. I was a bit nervous initially due to my GERD problem but to my surprise it worked. 

Lately i saw Dr Dixit Diet plan and he also suggests eating twice as a lifestyle. All the diseases can be cured by this plan. You don't need to starve yourself but you just need to eat twice. Isn't it a simple cure? It cures diabetes because your body regulates insulin production and usage judiciously. It helps you stop binge and help control calorie intake. It helps you late night dinners and indigestion / acid reflux there after. It helps you with obesity, hypertension, dental health and what not. There is immense information available regarding Dixit Diet or Aururvedic meal plan. I am just sharing my experience of a month or so with you. In addition to eating twice a day i have added weight training in the morning and 10,000 steps in the evening. I will share with you again when i get rid of my knee pain completely and bring my weight under 200 pounds. Till then good bye and good luck for your health goals. Do let me know your experiences and experiments with Life.