Thursday, July 17, 2014

Protect Riches and Protect Intellectuals

"Country should protect the Riches and Intellectuals"
Are you baffled by this premise?
Wait and let me explain before you try to be judgmental and start painting my perception with a different color. I am not an economist but a software engineer who understand digital world more than the money matters. Although the financial engineering and computer engineering are dichotomous in nature but for me they conflate well.

A country which can't protect its riches and intellectuals is always at loss. India is a country which is a victim of both brain drain and the money going out. I believe you all must be well aware of the fact that how brain drain is impacting India. USA, Canada, Australia and many more countries are the beneficiaries of India's intellectual property. All the IP rights stay with these countries and the Indians are paid meager salaries. Tax laws are so complex in this country that no one likes to setup a company here. Singapore, Ireland , USA provide smooth.  I hope till now it must be crystal clear that how the brain drain, complex taxation, and vote bank politics is hampering the growth story of this great nation.

Poor and the deprived needs government help but not at the cost of losing riches and intellects. Reservation is one major factor which divides the society and the impact of this is that we are losing talent in this process. Dwindling young population across the globe is putting pressure on all major economies like China ,USA, European Nations etc. Social security contributions are decreasing because of unemployment and reduction in the talent pool. To fill the young earners for the nation these countries are pulling the talent from India which is nurtured, educated free of cost in top notch universities of India. All the money spent on the future of India is stolen away.

Modi government has taken few steps to improve the ease of doing business in India. We have witnessed a remarkable jump in the ratings from 150 to 100. GST (Goods and Services tax) has brought the nation under the ambit of One Tax One Nation putting an end of double taxation or tax on tax. GST is going to streamline the supply chain and fix the loopholes which lead to tax evasion. There is a lot of hue and cry in nation due to GST but this is created by those who were cash hoarders and repeated offenders of tax evasion.

Demonetization is the most successful initiative taken against black money. Impact of demonetization was seen in the immediate reduction of stone pelting in the Kashmir valley. All the fake money in the market is put to rest in no time. All the shell companies suddenly became active which raised the red flag and today more than 7 lakh companies are under scrutiny.   We must appreciate the  efforts of this government to fight the black money, corruption, tax evasion, fake currency, terrorism in one stroke.

Demonetization and implementation of GST are disruptive financial reforms which no government in the past dared to touch because they knew the repercussions. We have to support this government because they are honest and doing their job with utmost integrity and love for the nation.

Digital India, Make in India, Monitored Electrification of all the villages, Rail Infrastructure, Port Connectivity, Cleanliness Drive, Financial Inclusion, Demonetization, GST, Girl Child Education, Clean Rivers, Highways are few of the achievements of this government which will help improve the condition of this nation and eventually lead to protect the riches and the intellectuals. This government has put emphasis on the foreign policy and is successful in building a consensus on fight against terrorism as a united global fight.

I hope we continue to improve as a nation so that the potential of this nation can be used to build this nation. Money spent in nurturing young talent can be used within our great nation. Another important area where we have completely failed in protecting the riches of this nation. Many entrepreneurs in the past were put behind the bars and all their wealth is looted. We need to have a different strategy by which we can get our money back and keep the business house and entrepreneur floating. Sahara, Kingfisher and Satyam are the biggest companies which we brought to ground zero by our hate for the rich. In order to stop tax evasion and during recovery we should not kill the business houses. We as a nation are moving from a poor to a predominantly middle class society. We need to take care of all and not just one class. We need to have a right balance of socialist and capitalist economy. Rich and the middle class can't pay tax to feed the poor. Food Security Bill, MNREGA are some of the socialist schemes which have created havoc in the labor industry. Today we don't find labor in villages because people have enough money to survive. MNREGA is free money for poor but it is hard earned money of the tax payers. We must mull over what we are doing to this nation.

Jai Hind.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Taxation in India is Modern Slavery

Taxation in modern India is nothing less than the "Dugna Lagaan" which we had paid to the Britishers. It is actually a legacy of Britishers continued by subsequent governments for the last 65 years. Many new ways were found by the government to tax the citizens without changing the services they provide. Policing, Health  Education for which we pay taxes multiple times has not improved and are in shambles. Here i would like to put more emphasis on the economic inequality enforced but before that i would like to tell you how much are we taxed in India.
First i would like to tell you that we in India are taxed by center, state and sometimes by the municipality. There are two types of taxes direct and indirect. Different types of taxes taken by the central govt are taxes on income, export duties, corporation tax, estate duty, terminal taxes, stock market taxes, newspaper taxes, inter-state trade commerce taxes etc. Tax which comes under state are land revenue collection, agriculture income tax/duties, land and building tax, minerals rights, excise duty, VAT,  electricity, sales tax, advertisement tax, vehicle tax, toll tax, professional tax, trades, callings , employment, luxury tax (entertainment, amusement, betting, gambling), stamp duty.Entertainment Tax is levied by the state government and each state taxes different types of entertainment and at varying rates. So whenever you are visiting Cinema halls/movie theaters, Cable/satellite television stations,Pubs, discos ,lounges,Casinos,Ticketed exhibitions,Live shows (like dance, music and theater), Amusement parks, Horse racing meetings , sporting events, Boat rides, cruises and water sports, Internet cafes etc you are paying tax to the government.Luxury Tax is also a state government tax. It includes tax on hotel rooms , hospitality services It varies from 0% to 25% on the base price Road tax is a combination of central and state govt tax. When you are buying a new vehicle you are paying Central VAT, VAT, import/excise duty, Central sales tax, Motor vehicle tax, passenger/goods text, Tolls, State entry tax.Contracts, mortgages, licences and commissions  has a stamp duty which we pay to the state govt.Today we have Service tax, Excise and VAT which should be merged into a common Goods and Service tax as proposed by the ex FM.
I know you must be baffled by the way GOI, State and the Municipalities loot citizens multiple times at every step and even then the fiscal deficit is always huge. Another important analysis points that common man who works hard are taxed more. You work hard and earn money. You use that money for your livelihood including entertainment, comfort etc. But is the govt charging people for working hard. A salaried employee first pays income tax  then the taxed money is used to pay other types of taxes like property, VAT, Entertainment, luxury, Sales, Service, Transaction etc etc goes on till your salary is over :):) and you are living in debt. The whole countrymen lives on debt but still the looted money can't help reduce the fiscal deficit.
You must be thinking if the country pays so much and in so many ways where is this money going. It is actually going in schemes like NREGA, Food Security and other types of subsidies like diesel subsidies, LPG. Last but not the least it is used as a salary of the govt employees who are supposed to be the public servants but actually we have to pay another type of tax to them (some of them but of course it gets divided equally afterwards) in the form of corruption tax. Please don't mistakenly read as as Corporation tax. It is actually Corruption tax. There is a huge difference between Corporation tax and Corruption tax. Corporation tax is high tax on the employment generating companies and industries plus the corruption tax which these bigwigs have to pay. Now these Socialists have even demanded to tax them for creating employment because they can't bear the 14% increase in the railway fare. This country is in total mess and the tax collection in this country is same as Britishers. Don't read me wrong. I am not blaming Britishers for this modern Slavery but my own countrymen who rules this country like autocrats.
Equality in India is getting diluted with each passing day. Subsequent governments in the past have damaged the principle of equality. Citizens are treated differently depending on their social, economic background. When a government starts charging riches more, then the rich and influential either save their money in Swiss banks or themselves move out of country to a better place where equality prevails. Today when the student does not find a seat in a college he pays hefty fees in US/UK/Australia or any other country and does not comes back to India. In this way we have lost lots of talent. When the Corporate world is taxed heavily they start registering their companies in countries like Singapore etc., where they get relaxations. I think BJP govt has to think  and stop charging middle and upper class for watching movies and eating out. In a country where 73% reservation for a 27% population exists, i think it is logical that the creamy layer will leave this country leaving behind the poor and the deprived. Even the CEO of Infosys invested in US and he has 700+ apartments in US. I believe he does not trust your tax policy and he should not in fact because you never know when the GOI of the State Govt will ask him to give his hard earned money to fund railway debts or some other subsidy. Come out of this extra socialist attitude and start treating everyone equally. Unity does not sustain if Equality is not there. We have lots of hopes for the Modi Govt and the new Finance Minister but i know you will not do it so soon. In short taxation policies under an Autocrat/King were better because they were one time and equal for all.
Jai Hind

Monday, June 23, 2014

Shanti Mantra

ॐ द्यौः शान्तिरन्तरिक्षं शान्तिः
पृथिवी शान्तिरापः शान्तिरोषधयः शान्तिः ।
वनस्पतयः शान्तिर्विश्वेदेवाः शान्तिर्ब्रह्म शान्तिः
सर्वं शान्तिः शान्तिरेव शान्तिः सा मा शान्तिरेधि ॥
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥
Om Dyauh Shaantir-Antarikssam Shaantih
Prthivii Shaantir-Aapah Shaantir-Ossadhayah Shaantih |
Vanaspatayah Shaantir-Vishve-Devaah Shaantir-Brahma Shaantih
Sarvam Shaantih Shaantireva Shaantih Saa Maa Shaantir-Edhi |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||
1: Om, May there be Peace in Heaven, May there be Peace in the Sky,
2: May there be Peace in the Earth, May there be Peace in the Water, May there be Peace in the Plants,
3: May there be Peace in the Trees, May there be Peace in the Gods in the various Worlds, May there be Peace in Brahman,
4: May there be Peace in All, May there be Peace Indeed within Peace, Giving Me the Peace which Grows within Me,
5: Om, Peace, Peace,Peace .... 

Morning Salutations to Shiva

Shri Vishwanatha Suprabhata

tvameva mAtA cha pitA tvameva
tvameva bandhushcha sakhA tvameva
tvameva vidyA draviNaM tvameva
tvameva sarvaM mama devadeva

Tumhi Ho Mata, Pita Tumhi Ho
Tumhi Ho Bandhu, Sakha Tumhi Ho

Tumhi Ho Sathi, Tumhi Sahare
Koyee Na Apna Siva Tumhare
Tumhi Ho Naiya Tumhi Khavaiya
Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi Ho

Jo Khil Sake Na Woh Phool Ham Hain
Tumhare Charano Ki Dhool Ham Hain
Daya Ki Drishti Sada Hi Rakhna
Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi Ho

Tumhi Ho Mata, Pita Tumhi Ho
Tumhi Ho Bandhu, Sakha Tumhi Ho

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mantras and their meaning

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

OM Triyambakam Yajamahé 
Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan
Mrityormukshiya Maamritat

OM We worship the Three-eyed Lord who is fragrant and who nourishes and nurtures all beings. As is the ripened cucumber (with the intervention of the gardener) freed from its bondage (to the creeper) May He liberate us from death for the sake of immortality.

7 chakras and the sounds which help them open

There are some sounds which help to open the chakras.

uh-1st chakra
ooo- 2nd chakra
oh 3rd chakra
ah-4th chakra
eye-5th chakra
aye-6th chakra
eee-7th chakra

This video is a warm up for the meditation:

The purpose of  a human life

Friday, May 2, 2014

Nerendra Modi: I will not let my country down.

NaMo : "Mein desh nahin mitne dounga, Mein desh nahin jhukne dounga".

He talks about tricolor revolution:
White Revolution: Milk Revolution (Emphasis on saving animals rather than pink revolution in which aminals were depleted in the last decade)
Saffron Revolution : Energy Revolution (Today India is facing energy crisis and Mr Farooq Abdullaha has done nothing in the last decade)
Green Revolution: Agriculture Revolution (Farmers are not getting what they deserve and the food grains are getting spoiled in ill managed godowns. Former Agriculture was busy in creating onion shortage which lead to sky rocketing price later on )

Nerendra Modi talks about infrastructural  growth and development. He talks about securing the borders and boosting the internal security. This is how NDA is selling the idea of resurgent India. How is congress selling themselves? By targeting Namo directly and indirectly with the help of people like AK. Congressmen are busy in illicit relations and recently two of them were caught red handed. Recent interaction of Priyanka Gandhi was full of arrogance when she targeted Nerendra Modi. She said i am daughter of Rajiv Gandhi. She may be proud of Rajiv Gandhi but country is not proud of the man who presided 1984 riots. Rajiv Gandhi said that "Jab ek bada ped(Tree) girta hai to aap-pass ki dharti hiltihi hai "

Opposition of NaMo and the incumbent govt calls it marketing but this is how you project yourself as a better alternative unlike people like Arvind kejriwal. AK is stopping Nerendra Modi along with other UPA partners just of getting some political mileage. Arvind kejriwal has nothing but false promises to make in front of citizens. He is simply not trustworthy and on the other hand Rahul Gandhi and party has already proved their talent of looting nation. We have the best option in the form of Nerendra Modi and people should not listen to biased and congress agents like Amritya Sen, Aruna Roy , Vinod Mehta, Sabha Naqvi   and mony more. Some congress men have illicit relations with journalists in some Tv channels. In such scenario we have to extra conscious and try to make ourselves well aware of the facts before choosing the future of country.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Modi Wave or No Modi wave?

Nowadays i hear a lot of people saying that there is Modi wave in pan India but there are substantial number of people who say that there is no Modi wave. Every body is coming up with his own logic to define what should be called a Modi wave, 240+ seats for BJP or 220+ seats for BJP etc. Following are some of the snippets of what Modi wave means for some of the prominent faces:

1. PM Manmohan Singh ji said that there is no Modi wave and it is just media driven. It is very interesting to hear from the person who headed the most corrupt govt in independent India. UPA has left no stone upturned to embolden the caliber of looting our country. Intrestingly at a time when his own brother joined BJP how can he deny Namo wave. Although whatever you say Congress party will never accept that there is wave which is going to engulf them within it. Indeed on 16th May Congress party will concede that yes there was a Modi tsuname and we have lost elections to a Tea vendor.

2. Mani Shankar Aiyar questioned Modi wave and further suggested to ask Modi to open a Tea Shop outside Congress Head Office. I am sure he will be the first to start a tea selling business after he understands the caliber of a Tea Vendor immediately after 16th May. Never underestimate the power of a common man.

3. Rahul Baba always made mockery of himself by his inability to read the speeches prepared for him. I feel either the handwriting of his editor is very ugly or his editor is equally intelligent as him. Rahul Baba also denies any Modi wave and in his interview with Arnab he deliberately avoided Modi which went against him and i am sure he must be regretting that. Today whole Gandhi family along with Priyanka Vadra are attacking Modi and trying to stop the Tsunami but it is quite impossible to stop the unbeatable now. Whenever i watch him speaking i feel that a parrot is iterating what is taught to him on the other hand whenever i watch Modi i see a person who does not read his speech from a paper word by word and never misread it as Rahul Baba does. Modi also brings pages but he just keeps points which should be spoken. Rahul Baba talks about women empowerment , RTI and Food Security  and now a days he talks about snooping but i never heard him talk about 2g, Railgate, Commenwealth scam, Coalgate, Adarsh scam etc. May we humbly ask him why did't he proactively participated in the government? Why he didn't took up some ministry and show us what he a capable of doing? Are Gandhi's there in congress for only the top job? Why he doesn't talk about the Vadra Land deals  and how his brother-in-law made huge profits?

3. Arvind Kejriwal the anti corruption crusader and so called honest leader once publicly accepted that there is Modi wave but then he realised that it is politically suicidal to concede the facts. Now he also joined the bandwagon of Modi critics who are trying to ignore the Modi wave. Now a days he is asking people that what is so special about Modi that you want to vote him. Please asked him following questions which he was unable to answer:
a. You have shown a property worth crores then how come you are an AAm Aadmi. Your words "Hum to ji aam aadmi hain, hamari kta aukar hai". I believe you have shown your true colors and now stop be-fooling people.
b. You left jobs as engineer, as public servant and as CM . What is the guarantee that he will not leave if he becomes Pm which is a distant dream for him.
c.  You have double standards which are different for those with you and for those who are against you. 
d. You speak lots of lies and the numbers which you claim are politically driven.
e. You are not trustworthy as you have betrayed people in the recent past including anti corruption crusaders and the public of delhi.
f.  You are hand in hand with congress party.
g. You are an autocrat and a hypocrite because when you resigned as CM of delhi you said a minority govt is paralyzed but now you are asking for a fractured verdict. You don't care for the expenditure in re-elections and does not know how to work in a coalition government.

4.Narendra Modi wave is propaganda by corporate entities: Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, former CM of West Bengal. The rout of CPI in West Bengal is already done now there is a formality left to throw the communist mentality out of India once for all.

5. Kapil Sibbal, Dig Vijay Singh and Anand Sharma, Manish Tiwari and P Chidambram are trying to become the pandavas but actually they are the siphons of Gandhi family who always denied Modi wave. But actions speak more than words. Dig Vijay always said Modi wave is nothing and was his biggest critic but when he was asked to contest against him he refused to do so. Manish Tiwari and P Chidambram are two losers who left the battlefield 2014 without even trying their luck. 

There are many more who deny the Modi wave like Nitish Kumar, Corrupt Lalu, Mamta Banerjee and Jayalalitha but country is poised to bring the tallest leader of the country with proven track record of good governance and development model of Gujarat. Some journalists like Vinod Mehta, Kumar Ketkar, Sankarshan Thakur,  are biased and against BJP as their links with congress is well known. There are some other reasons also which i don't want to state here. So we expect them to say that there is no Modi wave. Some more reactions in the following link:

Reactions on Modi Wave by different dignitaries.

Now who will decide that weather there is any Modi wave or no Modi wave. I feel there is a Modi wave and 220+ seats will prove that there was strong anti-incumbency and pro NDA Modi wave. Arving kejriwal is also riding the anti-incumbency, promise of change, and no political baggage but i believe he as to travel some distance to eradicate congress completely because Rahul, Priyanka ,Sonia Gandhi and the Congress workers will leave no stone unturned to let him succeed. The move by congress to bring in AK49 to stop Modi failed badly and today AK49 is backfiring on congress themselves. AK49 is/was/will never be a threat to BJP as the vote bank they are relying is the same which congress, BSP, SP , JDS and other pseudoseculars are fighting for. BJP has the vote of all nation lovers who does not believe in caste, religion based politics. BJP is a party of patriots who are ready to die for nation.  60 months to BJP makes a huge difference and we have proved in the past as well. I recomend you to check the world bank site for GDP growth, reduction of debt in India during NDA regime. Think just Modi wave can bring sensex at all time high what will happen if Modi lead BJP government will be in india. Vote for NDA Vote for strong and prosperous India. Jai Jawan Jai Kisan


After watching this you will have tears in your eyes no matter how strong you are.
If you feel weak, drenched in depression or stress, deprived, poor and helpless and an damn sure you will come out of it in no time.
If you feel that u can't you will immediately say yes i CAN....
If u say it is impossible or next to impossible you will say it is possible, i am possible and my next step will possibly be a success story....
Guys watch it and don't bow your head in front of others.
Dont beg for help but be a helping hand to others....
Dont say that we are poor, helpless , weak these words doesn't exist in reality they are just state of mind.
Don't start worshiping politicos, agents of God because only person who is respectable and should be worshiped is you and the God living inside you.

Watch it and bring in a change in your attitude and do write me if u still don't change your attitude towards life.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Priyanka Vadra is at the rescue operation when the damage is already done.

Priyanka Vadra is saying that her family is under attack. We agree your family is under severe criticism but do you know why. If you don't have time to retrospect let me throw some light on what you did with our country:
1. Robert Vadra's land deals are illegal as he purchased at least 31 properties mostly in New Delhi worth more than Rs.300 crore for which money has come from “unsecured interest-free loans from DLF Ltd”. Will you please explain on this rather than playing a victim's role?
2. UPA govt has a series of scams like Coalgate, Railgate, 2G, Commonwealth, Adarsh scam and many more.
3. UPA govt had no governance model and most of the projects were halted in the last 5 years. There is a complete policy paralysis and trust deficit. Will you explain why?
4. In UPA rule there were markets at all time low and inflation at all time high. Will you explain that in the so called recession in India how come price rise came into picture?
5. Your family including Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi always use Indira Gandhi's name to say that she has taught you this, she has taught you that, but let me tell you she was an autocrat and imposed emergency in India. So don't use her as your role model because she is not the role model of many.
 6. I want to tell you that if you really want to be a leader of masses then show the country that you deserve to be there else quit. Don't beg for votes on the name of dadi, nana, papa. Tell us what is your track record? What have you done for the country?
7. Why didn't Rahul Gandhi took up some ministry and work for the upliftment of some sector? Do you think that your family will be only King maker or King themselves? Do you think that being a union minister is a disgrace to the Gandhi family?
8. Why didn't you stop the congress workers to call your mom Raj Mata? We are living in 21st century where equality should be endorsed.
9. Why all the schemes which start in India have Gandhi attached to it? Why didn't you revolt against such malpractices and bring in a change in the last 10 years of disaster.

Last message is for the Indians who have a habit for worshiping anyone who shows them the magic wand. Stop doing this because this has ruined our past. It is time to rise above all this and behave like literate responsible citizens. We don't want a Raj Mata in our country. We don't want a first family to be worshiped. Gandhi family has all the rights to live in India as common man. I request you all, that congress is a family business where even the PMO office is run by Raj Mata rather than the prime minister. India needs complete independence and for that Indians have to come out of this mentality. One who performs and shows the potential to hold the top post should be given a chance to run government for five years. After five years he/she should be scrutinized for the work done and voted accordingly. Congress party never declares their  PM candidate because their PM post is fixed for either a puppet of Gandhi's or Gandhis themselves. I hope you will ponder over what I feel and give me the feedback if I am wrong somewhere in my interpretation. Thanks. Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

AK-47, AK-48 and AK-49

Yesterday, the prime ministerial candidate of BJP came up with an interesting analogy. He said three AK's are used by Pakistan against India. AK-47 is the one which is used by Pakistan to cause bloodshed in Kashmir. Another he referred to the defense minister who supported Pakistan rather than Indian army when the beheading of the brave Indian soldiers was done by the belligerent Pakistan. Third is the internal threat i.e. AK-49 who hasn't shown Kashmir in the official website of the his party, AAP. He jibed on these Pakistani agents with anguish as no patriotic Indian will like to lose a single inch of the Indian land. We are a sovereign nation and we have to fight back both internal and external threats with equal zeal. As far as the foreign policy of AAP is concerned it seems to be very dangerous and anti-india.

Recently they have supported the moist activities openly, i must say a daring one when you are supported by the urban middle class which wants peace at all costs. Another horrendous incident was when they extended support to the khap panchayats. How the hell can you support khap panchayats where young couples are beaten to death in the 21st century for inter gotra marraiges? In one of the incidents a tribal girl are raped by the whole village just because she loved someone out of the tribe. I am surprised how can people support Aam aadmi Party in such scenarios. AK-49 is doing all this for vote bank which he see in separatists, moist sympathizers and  male dominated khap panchayats. It is astonishing that the urban middle class is lured by this man who is so desperate to reach the top post.

AAP showing the face of Modi on their website to harness the popularity of Modi. Cheap way to get popularity, isn't it? Rather than targeting bigwigs  like Modi, Sheila Dixit, Ambanis, Adanis if AK49 would have come up with ideas that how he wants change in India and implemented some of his ideas as CM of Delhi, we would have appreciated this man. This person is so desperate to become PM of the country and this is shown by his 49 days stint. I was very happy when he became CM of Delhi and i had a hope that he will do good. He will eradicate corruption from delhi, he will stop the heinous crimes like rape in the city, he will do some development in Delhi. But he disappointed me , delhites and the whole India by showing his internal chameleon.

AK-49 is not one who can do anything for this country. He is just running behind shining objects. Once he gets it, he will start running behind another distracting object and the testimony to that is his lifestyle. He got into IIT-Kharagput and i am sure he must have worked hard to reach there. Once he completes his degree he got a job in Tata Group but then suddenly resigns. One engineer is lost and the expenditure and efforts put behind him by the govt. is total waste. Then he worked hard to snatch the rights of a student who worked hard to serve the country as a civil servant. He became income tax officer and suddenly he went for a one year paid leave. he had not paid back to the govt what he was supposed to if he resigns immediately after rejoining.

I don't say that Modi is ideal or will be an ideal PM but i am quite sure that he will be 1000 times better than this mortal. Modi comes with a developmental agenda and he has successfully tried to implement and succeeded to a large extent in Gujarat. No one is saying that Gujarat is next to New York but it has improved a lot.  AK-49 does now want to get into parliament and do some good for the people because of which he stood against Modi. AK-49 is a pessimistic maverick. AK-49 is asking for funds and is using those funds for his own luxury, private planes and his popularity. I want you all to think a lot before voting any party. 2014 is the year of change and make sure you don't get lured by shining objects. Think realistically and pledge to make India a better place by being a best person. If anyone who can help india get rid of corruption and all these mal practices is you. No weapon like AK can get rid of corruption. Even Modi can't get rid of corruption. We all have to strive for the better India. Jai Bharat! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Stop this pseudo-secularism for God sake.

You people always talk about Gujarat riots, today I want you to pay heed towards what happened in the state of J&K where minorities were killed/butchered and are still living in pathetic conditions.
I want to ask the so called secularists that how will you justify the selective killing of minorities in the state of J&K?
How will you justify the burning of temples in J&K?
How will you justify the mass massacres of Chatti Singpura in which men, women and children were massacred by the jihadis?
How will you justify the Chapnari Doda mishap in which two newly wed couples and all the baratis who were accompanying them were massacred like the Jalianwala bagh Massacre by General Dier?
How will you justify the forceful evacuation of Kashmiri Pandits who were threatened to leave their birthplace otherwise be killed/raped at the mercy of jihadis?
How will you justify snatching of the land from the kashmiri pandit by hook or crook?
How will you justify the  recent Kishtwar riots in which shops of minorities were looted and  some of them were killed?
How will you justify the Gool/Poonch riots under the regime of NC-Congress govt in J&K.
How will you justify the attack on the Indian Army personnel who are there to safeguard the natives?
Indian Army is our lifeline and you talk about revocation of AFSPA?
How how how.??????????

Despite being a state of India, talibanisation of the state is happening still you call yourself secular? Is it justified?
I still remember the time when minorities were living in fear with no security. Prominent people of the village were selectively taken away from their families, kids and mercilessly killed and hanged.
I don't justify any killing on the name of religion? Riots are heinous and god must give all of you wisdom to analyse what secularism means.
"Be Secular first and then expect others to be Secular"