Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Triskaidekaphobia...A Reality or A Myth

On 13th of July 2011 Mumbaikars were filled with trepidation and the whole India underwent nervous trembling and apprehension after the ubiquitous breaking news on all the news channels. I came to know about yet another serial bomb blasts at around 6pm on that fateful evening. But this time I was not surprised, rather I felt as if this is a routine or I was suspecting this to happen. In spite of lamenting and languishing, I didn’t felt any change in myself. I am befuddled by my behavior. Have I accepted that I can’t do anything other than waiting for the next blast to happen? Whom should I blame for this? I don’t have answers as of now.
India is not ready for any contingency as the governance is incorrigible and what can be inferred from the present UPA’s behavior is that even the stakeholders are inert, indolent, and inept. Reverent incumbent prime minister is mum as usual; future PM candidate Rahul Gandhi again gave irresponsible comment that it was virtually impossible to stop all terrorist attacks, though every attempt was being made by the government and security agencies to do so; Digvijay Singh supported Rahul and made derogatory comment that RSS is a bomb factory. Succinctly it is nothing less than SHAME!!!!!
A separate discussion started about why they chose 13/07/2011. Some said Kasab’s birth day falls on this date. Some said it is to reestablish the fear of number 13, Triskaidekaphobia. This is not mandatory why they chose this date, but it is important that why they chose my country. How dare they do this again? When will we put an end to this sporadic network of terrorism supported by fundamentalists and enemies of humanity? Recently I read one article on internet that planning and execution of bomb blasts is outsourced. I am astonished by these barbaric acts and the vitriolic speeches of their bosses from across the border.
When I expect the government to be scrupulous, UPA govt is met with few scattered pockets of sardonic laughter. Our prime minister is so taciturn that we often discovered that we have absolutely no idea what he is thinking. We have misconstrued his potential; he does not possess leadership qualities. Sonia Gandhi is the real prime minister of the country. He is the person who is made accountable for all the wrong deeds. UPA should come up with some plan to combat terrorism and an effective security policy otherwise this is high time when country should think of an alternative in the center. We should change our ephemeral nature of not remembering these incidents. India should put an end to the wanton acts of terrorists , moists , naxals etc on a helpless populace to make their point. We should not enervate or deviate from our mission of eradicating this heinous crime from our planet.
Mumbai attack instigated Hillary Clinton's India visit. Is this a indication of stronger INDO-US ties in near future? Indian foreign policy towards US altered after the Pokhran test. It is the vision of the then Prime minister of the country, Mr. A.B. Vajpayee. There after I have seen a gradual improvement in the Indo-US relations. India and USA are natural allies; One the world’s largest democracy and another world’s oldest democracy. What should we call it and how should we look at it? I see some vested interest of US. Firstly, US is losing its ground in Pakistan and most importantly trusting Pak's ambiguous behavior can prove fatal for the American Middle East policy. Secondly, US economy is dependent on India to a major extent both in US as well as India. Last but not the least is the growth of China in the last decade which is difficult for the Americans to digest. China is a potential threat to both India as well as US. Considering all the above facts It is beneficial for both the countries to work together at the time when both are facing the menace of terrorism. It is inevitable to have better relations to combat terrorism. But at the same time India need to be conscious as US is known for its selfish instincts and deeds in the past. We need to take calculated risk as a growing economy; India can’t take US for granted following Obama’s Buffallo to Banglore remarks and strict Visa policies. We should assimilate that USA is a perspicacious and shrewd partner, before believing his veracity and going into any pact or agreement with them.