Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Learn from the CRADLE to the DEATHBED.....

Some days back i met a zealous personality. He was a seasoned professional, having MBA from IIM C and leading his own start up S/W company. His remarks were acrid, but i felt every bit of it a reality of each one of us. I remember when i got into an engineering college , i felt on top of the world. But in no time i realized the heat. Four years of my life were unforgettable and tiresome. When i completed my degree, i said WOWOOOO.......I got placed in a reputed IT Company, with a handsome remuneration and perks. I felt that now i need not worry. I was happy to be out of my regular studies; ready to rejuvenate. But, for the last four years i am in a quandary. Every evening i ask myself; what am i doing; what is my goal; what i want to achieve and many more. I am baffled and perplexed and sometimes i feel frustrated as well. I strongly agree that there are pros and cons of each and every thing in this world. This corporate world tought me lot many things. My perspective changed, i have new goals now which are double the complexity, as it was some time back. But now i need a change from this humdrum, unamusing s/w development field. This is what i actualized when i had a chat with that fellow. I felt as if he is scanning my mind and addressing all my frustration. He said, "You need to visualize your dreams and convert them into reality". But the question is, how? Who the hell in this world don't want to get his/her dreams come true? He added "Mind it, i am not talking about dreams which you see with closed eyes rather dream seen with open oculi." I believe, we should dream high, but be realistic and determined. Determinations is a major factor which plays a vital role in the growth of a successful person. "Be internally driven not externally". Utter loud when you are frustrated or feeling low. Be focused and motivated, you can win the game. Don't get excited when you are offered something lucrative. Think, suppose you lose the same , how much pain it can give you. Incubate new idea, engulf good thoughts and implement. After a little introspection i felt that reality is a myth. And the myth is that successful persons are bestowed with blessings and luck. Luck is a myth in itself. Reality is that, one who is working hard, without halt, is the ultimate winner. Be adept in whatever you are doing. Virtuoso is the requirement of the hour, no matter, what you do. The mantra of success lies in the continuous and rigorous learning and increased knowledge. Why i am saying this because most of us feel that studies are over once we are out of college life. But this is a wrong perception, actually it starts when we leave college. Formal education is there to learn methods of learning, it is not actual learning. Guys don't absorb energy but reflect it. I know it is an era of global warming but anyways plant trees and let them do the job. I see people going to office with tattered dreams with big tummies as if they have engulfed a BIGGG .......Come on guys! Buck Up! Start living and enjoy. Some of you feel going to office as if you are going to Tihar jail and the strict jailer is your manager. B +ve blood group. Your manager is your inspiration. Be your manager's manager. Work hard, believe in yourself, reflect energy and most important face your manager. Talk to him as if you are heading to manage such people in near future. If you follow me i am sure you can win. This is what i learned from that extraordinary personality. In Short , we should learn right from the CRADLE till we complete time of life."


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bhopal Tregedy versus Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico- Indian vrs US Approach

The Bhopal carbide gas leak in 1984 and present Oil Spill in The Gulf of Mexico are both inauspicious events but there is a lot of conflict in the approach followed to handle the catastrophes. The most important is that one happened in the vicinity of USA and another due to USA based pesticide company UCC. The Bhopal disaster is the world's worst ever industrial catastrophes and occurred at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide plant. Even after 26 years the victims of the biggest industrial accident are yet to receive succour. On The other hand the culprits of Mexican Oil Spill, British Petroleum is apologizing, announcing and giving compensations , trying to do whatever they can do, but, still US authorities are staring with their eyebrows raised.The BP Board announces an agreed package of measures to meet its obligations as a responsible party and thinking about the dividend as well. The US Government and US President is not happy at all and asking for more. If you compare the death toll it is merely 11 in case of Oil Spill and a huge number of 15000 in case of Bhopal tragedy. Moreover 500,000 people were exposed to methyl isocyanide (MIC) gas , because of which many developed deformities and are still struggling with their disability.
You must be mystified by this gesture of comparing two disasters. Moreover it should be crystal clear that the behavior of US authorities is very self-interested and that is what i am trying to portray. US laws are inhumane and very selfish. On one hand they are pushing multimillion dollar claims fund for deep water horizon spill and at the same time Warren Anderson is under veil in US and the US authorities are mum on the issue. Can't we ask why laws are different for different people? More than two decades since the tragedy, certain civil and criminal cases remain pending in the United States District Court, Manhattan and the District Court of Bhopal, India, against Union Carbide, (now owned by Dow Chemical Company), with an Indian arrest warrant also pending against Warren Anderson, the then CEO of Union Carbide. Greenpeace asserts that as the Union Carbide CEO, Anderson knew about a 1982 safety audit of the Bhopal plant, which identified 30 major hazards and that they were not fixed in Bhopal but were fixed at the company's identical plant in the US. Why the then Industries Minister of India hadn't taken any action against the Union Carbide?.
Again i want to pin point that both the events are unfortunate and proved disastrous. My intention is only to highlight the behavior of US Authorities and Indian Authorities. Why the aam AAdmi(comman man) in India haven't got its due right 25 years back? I have many more queries but no answers. Over to you for your analysis.