Wednesday, March 26, 2014

AK-47, AK-48 and AK-49

Yesterday, the prime ministerial candidate of BJP came up with an interesting analogy. He said three AK's are used by Pakistan against India. AK-47 is the one which is used by Pakistan to cause bloodshed in Kashmir. Another he referred to the defense minister who supported Pakistan rather than Indian army when the beheading of the brave Indian soldiers was done by the belligerent Pakistan. Third is the internal threat i.e. AK-49 who hasn't shown Kashmir in the official website of the his party, AAP. He jibed on these Pakistani agents with anguish as no patriotic Indian will like to lose a single inch of the Indian land. We are a sovereign nation and we have to fight back both internal and external threats with equal zeal. As far as the foreign policy of AAP is concerned it seems to be very dangerous and anti-india.

Recently they have supported the moist activities openly, i must say a daring one when you are supported by the urban middle class which wants peace at all costs. Another horrendous incident was when they extended support to the khap panchayats. How the hell can you support khap panchayats where young couples are beaten to death in the 21st century for inter gotra marraiges? In one of the incidents a tribal girl are raped by the whole village just because she loved someone out of the tribe. I am surprised how can people support Aam aadmi Party in such scenarios. AK-49 is doing all this for vote bank which he see in separatists, moist sympathizers and  male dominated khap panchayats. It is astonishing that the urban middle class is lured by this man who is so desperate to reach the top post.

AAP showing the face of Modi on their website to harness the popularity of Modi. Cheap way to get popularity, isn't it? Rather than targeting bigwigs  like Modi, Sheila Dixit, Ambanis, Adanis if AK49 would have come up with ideas that how he wants change in India and implemented some of his ideas as CM of Delhi, we would have appreciated this man. This person is so desperate to become PM of the country and this is shown by his 49 days stint. I was very happy when he became CM of Delhi and i had a hope that he will do good. He will eradicate corruption from delhi, he will stop the heinous crimes like rape in the city, he will do some development in Delhi. But he disappointed me , delhites and the whole India by showing his internal chameleon.

AK-49 is not one who can do anything for this country. He is just running behind shining objects. Once he gets it, he will start running behind another distracting object and the testimony to that is his lifestyle. He got into IIT-Kharagput and i am sure he must have worked hard to reach there. Once he completes his degree he got a job in Tata Group but then suddenly resigns. One engineer is lost and the expenditure and efforts put behind him by the govt. is total waste. Then he worked hard to snatch the rights of a student who worked hard to serve the country as a civil servant. He became income tax officer and suddenly he went for a one year paid leave. he had not paid back to the govt what he was supposed to if he resigns immediately after rejoining.

I don't say that Modi is ideal or will be an ideal PM but i am quite sure that he will be 1000 times better than this mortal. Modi comes with a developmental agenda and he has successfully tried to implement and succeeded to a large extent in Gujarat. No one is saying that Gujarat is next to New York but it has improved a lot.  AK-49 does now want to get into parliament and do some good for the people because of which he stood against Modi. AK-49 is a pessimistic maverick. AK-49 is asking for funds and is using those funds for his own luxury, private planes and his popularity. I want you all to think a lot before voting any party. 2014 is the year of change and make sure you don't get lured by shining objects. Think realistically and pledge to make India a better place by being a best person. If anyone who can help india get rid of corruption and all these mal practices is you. No weapon like AK can get rid of corruption. Even Modi can't get rid of corruption. We all have to strive for the better India. Jai Bharat! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Stop this pseudo-secularism for God sake.

You people always talk about Gujarat riots, today I want you to pay heed towards what happened in the state of J&K where minorities were killed/butchered and are still living in pathetic conditions.
I want to ask the so called secularists that how will you justify the selective killing of minorities in the state of J&K?
How will you justify the burning of temples in J&K?
How will you justify the mass massacres of Chatti Singpura in which men, women and children were massacred by the jihadis?
How will you justify the Chapnari Doda mishap in which two newly wed couples and all the baratis who were accompanying them were massacred like the Jalianwala bagh Massacre by General Dier?
How will you justify the forceful evacuation of Kashmiri Pandits who were threatened to leave their birthplace otherwise be killed/raped at the mercy of jihadis?
How will you justify snatching of the land from the kashmiri pandit by hook or crook?
How will you justify the  recent Kishtwar riots in which shops of minorities were looted and  some of them were killed?
How will you justify the Gool/Poonch riots under the regime of NC-Congress govt in J&K.
How will you justify the attack on the Indian Army personnel who are there to safeguard the natives?
Indian Army is our lifeline and you talk about revocation of AFSPA?
How how how.??????????

Despite being a state of India, talibanisation of the state is happening still you call yourself secular? Is it justified?
I still remember the time when minorities were living in fear with no security. Prominent people of the village were selectively taken away from their families, kids and mercilessly killed and hanged.
I don't justify any killing on the name of religion? Riots are heinous and god must give all of you wisdom to analyse what secularism means.
"Be Secular first and then expect others to be Secular"