Friday, May 2, 2014

Nerendra Modi: I will not let my country down.

NaMo : "Mein desh nahin mitne dounga, Mein desh nahin jhukne dounga".

He talks about tricolor revolution:
White Revolution: Milk Revolution (Emphasis on saving animals rather than pink revolution in which aminals were depleted in the last decade)
Saffron Revolution : Energy Revolution (Today India is facing energy crisis and Mr Farooq Abdullaha has done nothing in the last decade)
Green Revolution: Agriculture Revolution (Farmers are not getting what they deserve and the food grains are getting spoiled in ill managed godowns. Former Agriculture was busy in creating onion shortage which lead to sky rocketing price later on )

Nerendra Modi talks about infrastructural  growth and development. He talks about securing the borders and boosting the internal security. This is how NDA is selling the idea of resurgent India. How is congress selling themselves? By targeting Namo directly and indirectly with the help of people like AK. Congressmen are busy in illicit relations and recently two of them were caught red handed. Recent interaction of Priyanka Gandhi was full of arrogance when she targeted Nerendra Modi. She said i am daughter of Rajiv Gandhi. She may be proud of Rajiv Gandhi but country is not proud of the man who presided 1984 riots. Rajiv Gandhi said that "Jab ek bada ped(Tree) girta hai to aap-pass ki dharti hiltihi hai "

Opposition of NaMo and the incumbent govt calls it marketing but this is how you project yourself as a better alternative unlike people like Arvind kejriwal. AK is stopping Nerendra Modi along with other UPA partners just of getting some political mileage. Arvind kejriwal has nothing but false promises to make in front of citizens. He is simply not trustworthy and on the other hand Rahul Gandhi and party has already proved their talent of looting nation. We have the best option in the form of Nerendra Modi and people should not listen to biased and congress agents like Amritya Sen, Aruna Roy , Vinod Mehta, Sabha Naqvi   and mony more. Some congress men have illicit relations with journalists in some Tv channels. In such scenario we have to extra conscious and try to make ourselves well aware of the facts before choosing the future of country.