Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I want to get rid of this slavery.

Turmoil in the Kashmir Division for the last 3-4 months is impelling me to express my viewpoint which will throw some light on the cause of the issue. A slap on the face of UPA and its coalition partner NC, left them red faced. Today i want to raise a question which neither Congress nor National Conference(NC) can answer. Kashmir Issue grown into a banyan tree, with its roots deep enough to be cut. The roots of the issues are entangled with the Congress and NC because of the wrong deeds of Nehru-Gandhi Family and Abdullaha Family. So this adage will help you understand it better: "AS YOU SOW SO SHALL YOU REAP". Separatists are adroit enough to exploit the situation ignited by Lt. Sh. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Lt. Sheikh Mohammad Abdullaha(Grandfather of Omar Abdullaha). All the parliamentary delegations and HM/PM visits are futile until and unless you understand the crux of the matter and what Kashmiris want. The rage in the youth of kashmir is because of the hatred induced in the youngster's blood for the last 2 decades. They have brooded a conspiracy some years back which is getting executed now. Just because Jawaharlal Nehru was not able to include J&K in post independent india, he left a dispute which took so many lives and dont know how many are still to be lost. India lost the battle when the exile of the then King of J&K Maharaja Hari Singh and handing over the powers subsequently to Nehru's close aide and Kashmiri bhai, Sheikh Abdullah.This expatriation can prove to be facial blemish for congress if this issue is not resolved ASAP.
Exploitation of Kashmir issue by Pakistan is because of certain important critical aspects. First Kashmir is a Muslim dominated area, which was not the case some years back when Pandits were there. Another important aspect is that Kashmir is a border state adjoining belligerent Pakistan. Third important aspect which is the reason why they are intrested in either joining Pakistan or an independent Kashmir including POK. I am amazed to hear statement of Musharraf on the launch of his party. Musharraf said," We still remember the time when India divided Pakistan and helped Bangladesh to seperate". He added, "Yes, we have raised terrorist camps in POK and are brooding Millitants on our land to take revenge of what india did with us." What we can make out of this is that we don't need to prove their ill wills which they are saying with pride.
Kashmir was independent the movement Shaikh Abdullaha became the CM. Since then 99% time it is being ruled by the autocratic leaders of Kashmir. In other words independence of Kashmir is nothing more than a mirage and can not be resolved until and unless they themselves understand what is right and wrong. But we people of Jammu and Laddakh are unnecessarily getting involved in this crap. What i feel that we are the real SLAVES. I want independence from this slavery. I want to come with India, be a part of India, grow with India. Why are you stopping me to join India? Is it because i love my country? Is being patriotic means i should lose my jobs every time in an economic or unemployment package to Kashmir. Each time selection lists in govt. sector jobs is manipulated or rules are changed to help Kashmiri's get it. Do you want me to be a maverick or anti-national like them to be heard? This is a BIG question which i am raising today to be answered. Government of India has to take special measures, otherwise i see a threat or whole country getting disintegrated as Europe, USSR or any other national disintegration. The basis of division can be any (language ,religion, region, race, or discrimination as in Jammu or North East). We need immediate redressal of the grievances and scores because the people are getting alienated. Jai Hind.

Reading versus Writing

Since long i didn't wrote anything and i have lot of excuses to make but no valid reason. Someone wisely said that barely reading suppresses your thought process and one day makes you foolish. I am experiencing the repercussions of the same bad habit of(not writing) not letting my brain work independently. Writing can be a very good pastime with astoundingly good results. Writing is a skill which you can not imitate by reading other writer's stuff. I still remember and feel the extra edge a student gains just by practicing and putting his thoughts down on paper. Don't take me otherwise, i am not against reading. In fact reading is a very good habit. Reading followed by ruminating and pondering over the subject to understand the thought process of writer is important which we must not avoid. This is also important what you read. Make sure you read less of fictional, filthy stuff and more of inspirational and motivational books. Although it is almost incorrigible when u r grown up, but the writing fad will help you improve your personality. If you don't , some day or the other you will feel the difference and its importance. So, better start it today than regretting tomorrow.