Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Obama: Modest, Diplomatic and a class orator

In the recent past, the festive season brought lot of happiness and most importantly firmness in the Indo-US relations. The White House guardian, Senate Barack Hussein Obama, paid homage to the nation in general and the father of the nation specifically. He put an end to all prior speculations on his stand on Indo-US relations, Kashmir issue, Indo-Pak relations and many more. He proved again to be a class orator and a very good diplomat, when he changed his stance in the Delhi auditorium after his prior conduct in Washington and Mumbai which was opposed by some parties in India. One thing was admirable and that is the Knowledge of Obama and his reverence for the father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi. It is the undiscriminating attitude and regard of the peace loving soul for the humanity, irrespective of the caste, color or creed, which makes him undoubtedly an ideal man. Another mirthful comment was the presence of a comrade in the gathering. Obama stressed on strong Indo-US relations and employment generation which was dubious to some extend.
What we envisioned in him is different than what he is. His speech was awe inspiring, motivational and full of veneration. He is the first person to affirm by saying: “Who says that India is a developing nation? In fact India is already a developed nation and deserves a permanent seat in UN Security Council.” Although his admission of India deserving permanent membership is opposed by some nations, it is still a welcome step. He added, “Fusion of world’s largest and oldest Democracies is mandatory to stabilize and rediscover the world.” I feel proud and on top of the world when someone who is not a native Indian respects India, its culture, people and its contribution to the world in different forms. At the same time I feel ashamed when an Indian becomes a maverick, be it a moist or a terrorist. Both the countries have mutual benefits of a good relation. The communism in China, and its suspecious and irresponsible role to support N Korea raises a question mark on Sino-US relations. But USA and India are democracies and are natural allies. In other words both are inevitable part of each other’s welfares.
Today, from top to the bottom you will find Indian representation, be it affluence, impoverishment, cultural richness, secularism, business representation, economic growth, technology, or anything else. But corruption is also there and holds a place in the long list which is a serious matter of concern. Choose any X Y Z field, we have attained acme in some and will achieve in the rest. No one can beat us and I affirm by saying “Catch Us If You Can”. Even Obama’s “Buffalo to Bangalore” comment is contradicted by his speech when he said that the digital world is India’s proprietary as ZERO (which represents 50% of the digital technology) is India’s find and contribution to the world. In totality, Obama’s visit is a win-win situation for India.
Obama’s definition of India is different than our definition of modern India. On top of his awe inspiring and laudatory words for shining India the biggest concern is the growing poverty, unemployment, growing urban as well as slum population and many more issues which need to be addressed as early as possible. It is noticed in the recent past that the business families in India are ready to shower millions on the Bollywood actress/actor for a simple marriage ceremony. Now the question is that, if a ‘guthka business family’ can spend millions of dollars in a marriage just to entertain and have Bollywood, why can’t they give some part of it back to the society from which they are generating this. Why can’t we Indian entrepreneurs invest in India rather than investing in foreign land? When the world looks at India Inc. a profitable market, why you are not able to visualize the fact and understand the criticality of the matter. In the recenthet past we have seen lot of foreign investment which is bouncing the SENSEX. Top nations which contributed to it are Mauritius, Cyprus, and USA. India has lot of potential of higher returns on investment because of being underdeveloped. Infrastructure is one of the areas which require lot of attention. Growing need of wider roads and alternative means of transport like metros, bullet trains etc. which will consequently imply that our energy needs will grow. This can act as a food of thought for the entrepreneurs, incumbent Govt. and the struggling politicians and the opposition. We need to be generous enough to do something for the society and the people of India. Moreover the bottom line is that every Indian needs to think on those lines by imparting awareness among people and increasing literacy rate. We should educate people to believe in nuclear families. There is no point is crying horse if we can’t contribute to the society.
I was guessing the same what happened immediately after Obama’s visit was over। The UPA Govt put an end to the baffling story of corruption. I thought the crescendo is yet to be achieved to sack The CWG chairman, The Spectrum Raja and The CM of Maharashtra. It was high time when some action was expected from the Govt. after the uproar in the parliament and mayhem in the media and public. Opposition is forcing to have a joint parliamentary committee to investigate the matter but already cornered Govt. is reluctant to entertain the demand. Let us see what will happen in the near future, but what we can say right now is that Indo-US relations are bound to grow considering the nature of challenges faced by both the nations.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I want to get rid of this slavery.

Turmoil in the Kashmir Division for the last 3-4 months is impelling me to express my viewpoint which will throw some light on the cause of the issue. A slap on the face of UPA and its coalition partner NC, left them red faced. Today i want to raise a question which neither Congress nor National Conference(NC) can answer. Kashmir Issue grown into a banyan tree, with its roots deep enough to be cut. The roots of the issues are entangled with the Congress and NC because of the wrong deeds of Nehru-Gandhi Family and Abdullaha Family. So this adage will help you understand it better: "AS YOU SOW SO SHALL YOU REAP". Separatists are adroit enough to exploit the situation ignited by Lt. Sh. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Lt. Sheikh Mohammad Abdullaha(Grandfather of Omar Abdullaha). All the parliamentary delegations and HM/PM visits are futile until and unless you understand the crux of the matter and what Kashmiris want. The rage in the youth of kashmir is because of the hatred induced in the youngster's blood for the last 2 decades. They have brooded a conspiracy some years back which is getting executed now. Just because Jawaharlal Nehru was not able to include J&K in post independent india, he left a dispute which took so many lives and dont know how many are still to be lost. India lost the battle when the exile of the then King of J&K Maharaja Hari Singh and handing over the powers subsequently to Nehru's close aide and Kashmiri bhai, Sheikh Abdullah.This expatriation can prove to be facial blemish for congress if this issue is not resolved ASAP.
Exploitation of Kashmir issue by Pakistan is because of certain important critical aspects. First Kashmir is a Muslim dominated area, which was not the case some years back when Pandits were there. Another important aspect is that Kashmir is a border state adjoining belligerent Pakistan. Third important aspect which is the reason why they are intrested in either joining Pakistan or an independent Kashmir including POK. I am amazed to hear statement of Musharraf on the launch of his party. Musharraf said," We still remember the time when India divided Pakistan and helped Bangladesh to seperate". He added, "Yes, we have raised terrorist camps in POK and are brooding Millitants on our land to take revenge of what india did with us." What we can make out of this is that we don't need to prove their ill wills which they are saying with pride.
Kashmir was independent the movement Shaikh Abdullaha became the CM. Since then 99% time it is being ruled by the autocratic leaders of Kashmir. In other words independence of Kashmir is nothing more than a mirage and can not be resolved until and unless they themselves understand what is right and wrong. But we people of Jammu and Laddakh are unnecessarily getting involved in this crap. What i feel that we are the real SLAVES. I want independence from this slavery. I want to come with India, be a part of India, grow with India. Why are you stopping me to join India? Is it because i love my country? Is being patriotic means i should lose my jobs every time in an economic or unemployment package to Kashmir. Each time selection lists in govt. sector jobs is manipulated or rules are changed to help Kashmiri's get it. Do you want me to be a maverick or anti-national like them to be heard? This is a BIG question which i am raising today to be answered. Government of India has to take special measures, otherwise i see a threat or whole country getting disintegrated as Europe, USSR or any other national disintegration. The basis of division can be any (language ,religion, region, race, or discrimination as in Jammu or North East). We need immediate redressal of the grievances and scores because the people are getting alienated. Jai Hind.

Reading versus Writing

Since long i didn't wrote anything and i have lot of excuses to make but no valid reason. Someone wisely said that barely reading suppresses your thought process and one day makes you foolish. I am experiencing the repercussions of the same bad habit of(not writing) not letting my brain work independently. Writing can be a very good pastime with astoundingly good results. Writing is a skill which you can not imitate by reading other writer's stuff. I still remember and feel the extra edge a student gains just by practicing and putting his thoughts down on paper. Don't take me otherwise, i am not against reading. In fact reading is a very good habit. Reading followed by ruminating and pondering over the subject to understand the thought process of writer is important which we must not avoid. This is also important what you read. Make sure you read less of fictional, filthy stuff and more of inspirational and motivational books. Although it is almost incorrigible when u r grown up, but the writing fad will help you improve your personality. If you don't , some day or the other you will feel the difference and its importance. So, better start it today than regretting tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Learn from the CRADLE to the DEATHBED.....

Some days back i met a zealous personality. He was a seasoned professional, having MBA from IIM C and leading his own start up S/W company. His remarks were acrid, but i felt every bit of it a reality of each one of us. I remember when i got into an engineering college , i felt on top of the world. But in no time i realized the heat. Four years of my life were unforgettable and tiresome. When i completed my degree, i said WOWOOOO.......I got placed in a reputed IT Company, with a handsome remuneration and perks. I felt that now i need not worry. I was happy to be out of my regular studies; ready to rejuvenate. But, for the last four years i am in a quandary. Every evening i ask myself; what am i doing; what is my goal; what i want to achieve and many more. I am baffled and perplexed and sometimes i feel frustrated as well. I strongly agree that there are pros and cons of each and every thing in this world. This corporate world tought me lot many things. My perspective changed, i have new goals now which are double the complexity, as it was some time back. But now i need a change from this humdrum, unamusing s/w development field. This is what i actualized when i had a chat with that fellow. I felt as if he is scanning my mind and addressing all my frustration. He said, "You need to visualize your dreams and convert them into reality". But the question is, how? Who the hell in this world don't want to get his/her dreams come true? He added "Mind it, i am not talking about dreams which you see with closed eyes rather dream seen with open oculi." I believe, we should dream high, but be realistic and determined. Determinations is a major factor which plays a vital role in the growth of a successful person. "Be internally driven not externally". Utter loud when you are frustrated or feeling low. Be focused and motivated, you can win the game. Don't get excited when you are offered something lucrative. Think, suppose you lose the same , how much pain it can give you. Incubate new idea, engulf good thoughts and implement. After a little introspection i felt that reality is a myth. And the myth is that successful persons are bestowed with blessings and luck. Luck is a myth in itself. Reality is that, one who is working hard, without halt, is the ultimate winner. Be adept in whatever you are doing. Virtuoso is the requirement of the hour, no matter, what you do. The mantra of success lies in the continuous and rigorous learning and increased knowledge. Why i am saying this because most of us feel that studies are over once we are out of college life. But this is a wrong perception, actually it starts when we leave college. Formal education is there to learn methods of learning, it is not actual learning. Guys don't absorb energy but reflect it. I know it is an era of global warming but anyways plant trees and let them do the job. I see people going to office with tattered dreams with big tummies as if they have engulfed a BIGGG .......Come on guys! Buck Up! Start living and enjoy. Some of you feel going to office as if you are going to Tihar jail and the strict jailer is your manager. B +ve blood group. Your manager is your inspiration. Be your manager's manager. Work hard, believe in yourself, reflect energy and most important face your manager. Talk to him as if you are heading to manage such people in near future. If you follow me i am sure you can win. This is what i learned from that extraordinary personality. In Short , we should learn right from the CRADLE till we complete time of life."


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bhopal Tregedy versus Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico- Indian vrs US Approach

The Bhopal carbide gas leak in 1984 and present Oil Spill in The Gulf of Mexico are both inauspicious events but there is a lot of conflict in the approach followed to handle the catastrophes. The most important is that one happened in the vicinity of USA and another due to USA based pesticide company UCC. The Bhopal disaster is the world's worst ever industrial catastrophes and occurred at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide plant. Even after 26 years the victims of the biggest industrial accident are yet to receive succour. On The other hand the culprits of Mexican Oil Spill, British Petroleum is apologizing, announcing and giving compensations , trying to do whatever they can do, but, still US authorities are staring with their eyebrows raised.The BP Board announces an agreed package of measures to meet its obligations as a responsible party and thinking about the dividend as well. The US Government and US President is not happy at all and asking for more. If you compare the death toll it is merely 11 in case of Oil Spill and a huge number of 15000 in case of Bhopal tragedy. Moreover 500,000 people were exposed to methyl isocyanide (MIC) gas , because of which many developed deformities and are still struggling with their disability.
You must be mystified by this gesture of comparing two disasters. Moreover it should be crystal clear that the behavior of US authorities is very self-interested and that is what i am trying to portray. US laws are inhumane and very selfish. On one hand they are pushing multimillion dollar claims fund for deep water horizon spill and at the same time Warren Anderson is under veil in US and the US authorities are mum on the issue. Can't we ask why laws are different for different people? More than two decades since the tragedy, certain civil and criminal cases remain pending in the United States District Court, Manhattan and the District Court of Bhopal, India, against Union Carbide, (now owned by Dow Chemical Company), with an Indian arrest warrant also pending against Warren Anderson, the then CEO of Union Carbide. Greenpeace asserts that as the Union Carbide CEO, Anderson knew about a 1982 safety audit of the Bhopal plant, which identified 30 major hazards and that they were not fixed in Bhopal but were fixed at the company's identical plant in the US. Why the then Industries Minister of India hadn't taken any action against the Union Carbide?.
Again i want to pin point that both the events are unfortunate and proved disastrous. My intention is only to highlight the behavior of US Authorities and Indian Authorities. Why the aam AAdmi(comman man) in India haven't got its due right 25 years back? I have many more queries but no answers. Over to you for your analysis.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why MBA/PGDBM are important in Corporate world?

MBA/PGDBM are the most important courses which one should undergo, if you are in corporate world and planning to continue with the same. I am one of those who wanted to stick to my core profession i.e. software development but alas no longer. What i felt when i started my career some years back is something which i don't see eye to eye with my present perspective. My perspective changed to a large extent. In this industry there is no place for hard working professionals (commonly referred as a resource) as mostly the people who are judging them are prejudiced. They are influenced by their managerial skills, which turns them into an egotist and work seekers. And this is prevalent right from low level Management to the top brass of any organization. Interestingly they will never let you feel what they have in their cold-blooded hearts. They will try to apply their managerial skills , which includes motivating, exclusionary goals, team work and many more to lure you. Don't let yourself feel that i am against this. That is their job and they are doing it efficiently and with diligence. Now the question is that how early we will understand this enigma, early we do, more beneficial it will be for us.
However just pursuing MBA from any college may not suffice. As this is your last formal education so it should be one of the best and remarkable for lifetime. Moreover getting into A, A+ or A++ B School is in itself tiresome and cumbersome. You need lot of benedictions, blessing and last but not the least is consistent hard work with positive outlook and confidence. You need to be focused if you want to crack CAT, XAT, GMAT, FMS, IIFT, JMET and other similar ones. Let me make very clear that CAT is not a cakewalk. It is the toughest of all the exams available. Even GMAT is easy compared to CAT. A little more of my analysis leads to the conclusion that it is toughest to extract the better of the best as this best constitutes a huge crowd especially in India. Everyone want to be in IIM especially ABC. But folks if you really want to, then buck up, be consistent in your performance, focused and hit the bulls eye. No one can help you other that the person whom you see early morning in the mirror while brushing your teeth. Till now no one was so nice to you to give answers of the questions asked in the examinations. Don't you feel IIM people are nice to you. Actually, they are judging your decision making skills. You have to choose one out or 4/5 answer options. But most of us try to find the 6th answer. But why? Because we are habitual of finding the answer. What rubbish. Guys we are here to choose the right answer and not to find the 6th one. Please understand. While approaching the questions think differently because leaders think differently and do differently.
Rest you don't need blessings, you need to work hard and that you will do only when you face an arrogant and irksome manager. So your inspiration is that want to be your manager's manager. As you don't like your manager's skills so work hard and show him, how to be a good manager. The movement you feel distracted from your goal remember your managers face, grinning on your failure. This is the mantra of your success and an easy, fast and reliable method of climbing the corporate ladder and reaching the acme of your career. Good luck and benedictions.

Price Rise Issue: Is this right way to corner Good Governance?

Introspecting yesterdays BJP's show off in new Delhi, i felt pity for them. This insane behavior brought nothing more than shame and disgust for the fainted and tainted opposition party. It is quite possible that once my favorites may get some benefit out of it. But i don't feel that everyone see price rise eye to eye. UPA is working elegantly and leaving no stone unturned to give good governance to the people of India. Hats off to UPA, how they are handling moists, terrorism in J&K and NE states. The way UPA handled situation post mumbai attack is mind blowing. The way UPA cornered Pakistan diplomatically by raising misuse of Pak Land for jihadi and terror training camps in front of world community is remarkable and had a huge impact on world initiative to eradicate terrorism. Other than junior external affairs minister no one in cabinet is in news for wrong reasons. Mr Minister tarnished the image of youth by his aberrant and barbaric behavior. This is another setback to people who believed that youth can bring change. What i say is that one bad experience can not be the universal truth and decide the fate of so many. Mr. Tharoor is either very cunning or foolish. Since he joined politics he is always in news. Anyways this is one part of UPA, well i am sure they will come up with some rectification method. The all-round performance of UPA is convincingly winning the hearts of the people. Let me go back to BJP's enticement . It is bad to say that price rise can be controlled by Government. The time when most of the countries in the world are in resource crunch, How come UPA govt. help in less cost of imported goods. Moreover with the sixth pay commission, if your salaries are almost doubled then why are you expecting that expenditure on commodities and services will be cheap. The person from whom you buy any service or commodity deserves increase in his income. Then whether it is essential commodity or not, it does not matter. Another important aspect of this is that it is cumbersome for more than half of the people in India to sustain. But again "survival of fittest" is the correct analogy for this. Once is poor is not always poor. You need to cross the barricade and move with others. Other way i should say you will lag behind if you don't move fast and that is what is happening. In short none of the Govt. in the past lead to price rise by will. It is the facade of opposition to lure illiterate folks. Actually NDA should go through ablution before criticizing UPA. We should thank PM MMS and Congress Chairperson to give us good governance. I salute you and your pledge to save the country.Please join me in congratulating UPA for its noteworthy governance.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

UPA trying to lure Women on Woman's day.

The inference of introducing Women reservation on Woman's day is to lure country's women folk, so that people can forget other issues including price rise and Weak foreign policy. I have a question What is the need of reservation in general? Is UPA trying to prove that women of this country is weak and they need reservation. I believe we are trying to set wrong example in front of Indian citizens. We are not teaching them how to fight in this competitive world. I believe not only women but even others who are in reserved category should question and remove category stamp from their life. How do you feel when somebody says this seat is reserved for you? This simply means that you are not capable of acquiring this by your own. You are offered this as a piece of mercy. Now question is how many of us want shower of mercy in their life. I can't answer this, may be some of you can ask yourself. India needs people who are not dependent on mercy. Be capable enough to prove your worth or you will be worthless. You guys can change system by rejecting any mercy on you. Now choice is yours mercy~reservation or no mercy ~ no reservation.