Saturday, October 27, 2018

Child Abuse and Women Security Needs Attention.

December 18, 2016

Shri Nerendra Modi,
Prime Minister of India,
South Block,
New Delhi

Dear Prime Minister,
This is my first letter to you and I want to congratulate you on the various initiatives taken by your government, latest one being the demonetization drive and a push for digital economy. It is a brilliant idea and we all will work to make it a success. Though it won’t stop corruption and black money hoarders completely but it will act as a deterrent and an awareness program for all the citizens. Another initiative taken up by you is the cleanliness drive, a brilliant awareness program and a successful one. Financial inclusion was a commendable initiative by the incumbent govt. which will acquaint the common people with the banking system. Foreign policy of this government is the best after almost three decades and will make India a strong nation.
Today I would like to bring your attention towards the Women and Child abuse in the only country where the form of God which we worship is a female. I was very disappointed and hopeless few years back but with you came hope, optimism and a ray of light in complete darkness. I along with millions of Indians find connect with you in this blissfully connected world. When the national capital and rest of the country was grappled with rapes and scandals you came to power. We all voted and supported an honest man who believes and thinks like an honest hardworking Indian. The battle against corruption, abuse and insecurity can’t be won overnight but as you say there are lots of opportunities to take a lead over these menaces by being optimistic and consistent efforts. I am not one of those who will come to you with a problem only. I have come to you with a problem and a viable solution which can be considered in this battle for good. Child labor is still a reality and there is no change in the current scenario. Child abduction, kidnapping is a reality which should be considered a matter of grave concern. Abducted children are pushed to begging and sometimes pushed to prostitution as well. Child rights needs to be protected and is the responsibility of the state. As you already said that we have sufficient laws but they are not implemented properly. There is a need to have strict laws and a severe punishment if not implemented is imperative.
Begging is the main reason of child abduction and kidnappings. It is high time we ban begging in this country. I know it is very complicated but we can make it simple by banning it for children at least. Child rights should be protected because they don’t have a voice in your parliament. Teachers, parents should be accountable for the child development and their rights of education, safety, security and overall development. Second step we should take is that if the parents are not capable enough to provide all the facilities to their own child then the govt. should take up that responsibility. I am not coming up with an innovative solution but a tried and tested solution followed by most of the developed nations. Foster homes are a reality in developed nations and helped them secure future of the country. It is in your hands to foster our children’s well being and education. 
Foster homes are not built by Developed nations but Foster Homes make Developed nations. Foster homes will be a help for poor people of this country. Foster Homes will secure the future of our country. If Indian can afford various pay commissions, OROP, MGNREGA, NFSA etc we can definitely afford to have a service which can help educate 100% of the future generation. Literacy is the most important weapon to combat various other social problems. Educating our future generation will make them law abiding citizens and help us in reducing the crime rate, corruption, domestic violence, crime against women, child abuse, child labor, child abduction, illiteracy, unskilled human resource, unemployment and many more.
Thank you for taking your precious time and reading my letter. I hope I am successful in making my point and bringing it to your notice. I am sure if this reaches you, you will ponder over it and definitely come up with a solution which may be lot better that what I suggested.

Your Ardent Supporter,
Neeraj Bhatyal


Saturday, October 20, 2018

Modicum of Modi

2019 will be remembered as an election year which has changed the perception of Congress and its allies towards gullible people of the largest democracy of the world which they manipulated for years. Gone are the days when congress use to mislead nation by using punks in the paid mainstream media and run a cult political game where a pilot son use to replace a dead PM mother like a business house. 2019 will be similar to the 2014 elections with advantage Modi because this time opposition has to fight back a tall leader of the incumbent government with lots of good projects under his belt. In 2014 he was only a poor tea seller who was 3 times CM of a vibrant Gujarat but zero experience of running our country. But if we go back in the history we know he was not even MLA when he was given the charge of a state which faced earthquake and angry with the former CM. 2019 will be a lot tougher for opposition and Modi haters. Modi government has dealt with every crisis very diligently and came out with flying colors each time. The appetite of Modi for development of our nation is huge and the opposition has failed to counter his government even after the continuous fall of dollar and rise of petroleum products. The government was quick to slash oil prices by a substantial amount to counter the rising rage among common people. Even if you ask me to rate NDA 2 with NDA 1, I will say that NDA 2 is more confident and the turnaround time to deal with every problem was commendable. I would like to iterate over major achievements of NDA 2 government so that I can showcase why Meticulous Modi is impressive and scoring a home run on every front in the battle for 2019.
Financial Affairs: Finance sector is the focus of this government and it was managed meticulously by one of the most eminent ministries lead by Arun Jaithley. GDP of India in 2014 was 2.035 trillion USD and it jumped to $2.848 trillion in 2018. It is 40% growth in 4 years. Modi government has fiddled with Indian economy from day one and delivered on his promise of curbing black money. Financial inclusion was the first step for taking head on the black money and cash market. It was a meticulously designed step by step process, first step being opening bank accounts for every citizen so that when government will launch demonetization in second phase they will have bank accounts to submit the cash they possess.  When government launched demonetization all the citizens cooperated despite provocation from opposition and their puppet media houses also failed. Demonetization didn’t yield the intended results because of corrupt government treasuries, current account holders, post offices, banks, gullible poor people and many other finance institutes which helped covert all demonetized currency to get into the system. One good outcome of demonetization was unearthing of 7+ lakh shell companies which suddenly turned active after years of inactivity. This has triggered income tax and inappropriate assets investigation in the irregularities of shell companies. Before the dust could have settled, Modi Government came up with one country one tax i.e. GST (Goods and Services). GST was a financial reform country needed desperately. GST has brought transparency in the supply chain of goods and consolidation of various indirect taxes imposed by state and center simultaneously. GST has removed cascading taxation and helped ease inflation. GST brought relief for the goods transport companies and employees who had to wait for days together at excise tax toll entries during pre GST days. GST has helped our global ratings and improved ease of doing business by removing the red tape, bringing in transparency and faster shipment of material. Another important step taken was to bring together railway budget and general budget into one. Consolidation of both the budgets was done to get away with pre independence custom of presenting budget separately. MGNREGA and Food Security Bill were few socialist schemes which had put pressure on the fiscal budget of the country but hats off to Modi government which has managed to fulfill promises of UPA as well as BJP’s pre poll promises like One Rank One Pension. One of the UPA Defense minister once said that we don’t have money to buy Fighter Jets but Modi government was able to accommodate a fat defense budget which involves signing new defense deals to fill in the gap between us and the neighboring nations. Economy was managed very well by Arun Jaithley, an alumnus of Shri Ram College of Commerce. He also fell sick like two other ministers of Modi government (Manohar Parrikar and Sushma Swaraj) but they have truly shown how they have put their own lives on the line for our nation.
Foreign Affairs and Indian Defense: One of the prime achievements of incumbents is that external affairs ministry did excellent job on every front. Pakistan is cornered diplomatically and its truth of being a terrorist state is open in front of world to judge. Diplomatic pressure on Pakistan was extremely high and all the excuses Pakistan used to convince international community were falling on deaf ears. Recent election of India to UN human rights commission is another big achievement. The way Indian foreign ministry handled humanitarian crisis in Middle Eastern countries is appreciated by other developed countries which asked for Indian help to evacuate. The geopolitical equations have changed in the last few years and the way India handled Doklam faceoff with dragon country, surgical strikes on the terrorist launch pads on Pakistani soil and handling ceasefire violations by Pakistani army shows the mettle of Modi government and its foreign policy. Indian Diaspora living in different country feels safe and protected in the hands of this government. On humanitarian grounds India has helped patients seeking health services in prestigious hospitals of our country even from Pakistan. There is a huge improvement in the passport services and the external affairs ministry is using all means even social media accounts like twitter to address the grievances in record time. In short external affairs ministry lead by Sushma Swaraj super headed by prime minister himself has improved relations of our country with rest of the world. India was successful in dealing with aftereffects of the impact on Iranian oil import by India due to US sanctions. Indian has maintained a balance among various competing defense suppliers by signing Rafael deal with French Government after approximately 2 decades, acquiring Israeli CIBMS Technology to safeguard our borders and signing a $5 billion deal to buy five Russian S-400 air defense systems. India has signed 182 defense deals over last 3 years and current year. Many other steps were taken to strengthen the defense of this country and army was given free hand to deal with various internal and external threats. Permanent commission for women is one step taken to abate gender inequality in a male dominated defense forces.

Infrastructural Development: There was an unprecedented growth in the development of ports, railways, highways, airports and other infrastructural projects. Electrification was monitored digitally and was run like a corporate project which we have seen never before in India. Cleanliness drive has seen awareness and involvement of general public like never before. Clean Railway stations, rails and entry/exit points have changed the shabby railway system. Open defecation was defeated by making Toilet construction a national mission and it was accomplished at an unprecedented pace. Bollywood also supported by awareness campaigns and  making movies on these initiatives like Open Defecation menace, Cleanliness drive, Sanitation and many other social causes.  No leader till date has ever focused on these minute but very important aspects of overall social development. This helps in improving the all time low living index of our country. Everyone for the first time felt an environment of optimism to fight these social issues. An effort was made to promote Make in India brand. Big companies have started their manufacturing units in India and export of goods is happening which has put manufacturing on a growth trajectory. Tallest statue of the world, ‘Statue of Unity’ will be unveiled to the world. The height of this statue is 600 feet which is dedicated to Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel who orchestrated the unification of states to make modern day India which comprises of different religions, sects, regions, languages, culture etc. In short he was successful in bringing together whole of Europe into one country which is beyond imagination in current times. India’s longest container terminal JNPT had added 24 lakh containers per annum capacity in first phase which started recently in 2015 and completed this year. There are three more phases pending to complete the development of this port. Two expressways were inaugurated in Delhi and many highway projects were sanctioned across the country. Building trunk roads to ports of the country will boost the transport system of the country.  Last year Ro-Ro Ferry service was launched in Gujarat which will reduce the travel time substantially. GIFT (Gujarat International Finance Tech City), Chenab Railway Bridge, New Banihal Qazikund tunnel,Sardar Sarovar Dam, Asia’s largest  solar park hub in Gujarat  are few projects which I am aware of and are currently undergoing development with unprecedented pace. Other than that Sikkim got its first airport after 7 decades. Dhola-Sadia bridge, spanning 9.3 km across the Brahmaputra is another development project which got completed in last few years in the north east. Solar energy has got tremendous push and is subsidized by the central government to reduce our dependence on replenishable sources. Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya were put on the railway map for the first time. Agartala in Tripura has also been connected with broad gauge line. Those who are criticizing bullet train should also try to peep in the railway infrastructure enhancements across the country especially north east which was ignored for 7 decades under congress.  Delhi Mumbai Economic corridor, Bullet train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, Hyperloop in Andhra Pradesh, Bharatmala project, Golden Quadrilateral, North South Transport Corridor etc are few projects in the pipeline which needs a strong, stable and a nationalist government in the center which can complete these projects and bring us in the top economies of the world. I am sure you don’t want to stall the development in this country by listening to these funky punks on task to please propagandists and Modi haters.

Science and Technology
It was NDA1 lead by a visionary leader in the form of Late AB Vajpayee which didn’t budge to international pressure and continues with India’s hunch to become a nuclear power in 1999.  NDA 2 has reinforced trust in the scientist’s fraternity of this nation and motivated them to achieve new heights. On 24 September 2014 Indian scientists at ISRO added a new feather in their hat by launching Mars mission and accomplished in first go without any help that too with minimum expenditure. We have seen reopening of ordinance factories in the country after decades as previous governments were happy getting the kickbacks for importing all kinds of defense arms, ammunitions and equipments. Though we have seen many defense deals, acquisitions, procurement of arms and ammunition, fighter planes, border security technology, anti missile technology but we have seen one more new thing which was export of indigenously built artillery to countries like Vietnam. India is trying to be part of NSG but it is blocked by China thought it has support of all other countries of the world. Once upon a time UPA had no money to buy even a single fighter plane but incumbents have shown it how to run a country and take it to new heights. 

Social Reforms: Modi govt. has come up with stringent laws for sexual abuse and capital punishment for child rapists. Capital punishment was a great step to curb this growing menace. In 1981 Congress had a chance to get rid of Tripple talaq and provide social justice to Muslim women but it got delayed by close to 4 decades because of negligence of one political party. Somewhere I felt Modi government did what we should have done in 1980’s. Most of the Islamic countries including Pakistan have banned Tripple Talaq but congress has stalled this in Rajya Sabha and I feel this is one of the reasons why I strongly feel congress must be asked why they support such social injustices for vote bank politics. Development for all and appeasement for none, Nation First and many other initiatives have a great social impact and it has helped to improve the degrading value system of this great nation. Incumbent government has chosen the path of development to fix the problem of unemployment, inequality, poverty etc. Modi government has not stopped the flagship socialist schemes of UPA like MGNREGA and Food Security Bill which had a huge impact on the national treasury. Modi government was able to get away with direct transfer of subsidy to the bank accounts and also improved UID project of India to help in the socialist schemes of the country. Recently Indian government has launched a socialist healthcare scheme, Ayushman Bharat. Ayushman Bharat is National Health Protection Scheme, which will cover over 10 crore poor and vulnerable families (approximately 50 crore beneficiaries) providing coverage up to 5 lakh rupees per family per year for secondary and tertiary care hospitalization.

I can go on and on for days but the good deeds of the incumbent government won’t finish. In the coming days the battle will get fierce and interesting as it nears 2019 elections. Political pundits will come up with baffling and contradictory poll reports but despite that it will be interesting to watch Modi government get into the polls well after being in office for complete five years.  Now I will leave on you to decide for yourself what we all yearn for and who can provide us India of our dreams. This is just a “Modicum of Modi”, for more keep it going.
Jai Hind Jai Bharat