Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Learn from the CRADLE to the DEATHBED.....

Some days back i met a zealous personality. He was a seasoned professional, having MBA from IIM C and leading his own start up S/W company. His remarks were acrid, but i felt every bit of it a reality of each one of us. I remember when i got into an engineering college , i felt on top of the world. But in no time i realized the heat. Four years of my life were unforgettable and tiresome. When i completed my degree, i said WOWOOOO.......I got placed in a reputed IT Company, with a handsome remuneration and perks. I felt that now i need not worry. I was happy to be out of my regular studies; ready to rejuvenate. But, for the last four years i am in a quandary. Every evening i ask myself; what am i doing; what is my goal; what i want to achieve and many more. I am baffled and perplexed and sometimes i feel frustrated as well. I strongly agree that there are pros and cons of each and every thing in this world. This corporate world tought me lot many things. My perspective changed, i have new goals now which are double the complexity, as it was some time back. But now i need a change from this humdrum, unamusing s/w development field. This is what i actualized when i had a chat with that fellow. I felt as if he is scanning my mind and addressing all my frustration. He said, "You need to visualize your dreams and convert them into reality". But the question is, how? Who the hell in this world don't want to get his/her dreams come true? He added "Mind it, i am not talking about dreams which you see with closed eyes rather dream seen with open oculi." I believe, we should dream high, but be realistic and determined. Determinations is a major factor which plays a vital role in the growth of a successful person. "Be internally driven not externally". Utter loud when you are frustrated or feeling low. Be focused and motivated, you can win the game. Don't get excited when you are offered something lucrative. Think, suppose you lose the same , how much pain it can give you. Incubate new idea, engulf good thoughts and implement. After a little introspection i felt that reality is a myth. And the myth is that successful persons are bestowed with blessings and luck. Luck is a myth in itself. Reality is that, one who is working hard, without halt, is the ultimate winner. Be adept in whatever you are doing. Virtuoso is the requirement of the hour, no matter, what you do. The mantra of success lies in the continuous and rigorous learning and increased knowledge. Why i am saying this because most of us feel that studies are over once we are out of college life. But this is a wrong perception, actually it starts when we leave college. Formal education is there to learn methods of learning, it is not actual learning. Guys don't absorb energy but reflect it. I know it is an era of global warming but anyways plant trees and let them do the job. I see people going to office with tattered dreams with big tummies as if they have engulfed a BIGGG .......Come on guys! Buck Up! Start living and enjoy. Some of you feel going to office as if you are going to Tihar jail and the strict jailer is your manager. B +ve blood group. Your manager is your inspiration. Be your manager's manager. Work hard, believe in yourself, reflect energy and most important face your manager. Talk to him as if you are heading to manage such people in near future. If you follow me i am sure you can win. This is what i learned from that extraordinary personality. In Short , we should learn right from the CRADLE till we complete time of life."



  1. nice one neeraj...I think learning is never ending process..u must always remain open to it...

  2. Nice thought. I certainly agree to it to some extent. When you dream with open eyes, you always try to realize them. But the dreams with closed eyes are mostly virtual and so you tend to forget them. There are times when you fail and in most cruel ways, but when you come back again, you fight with more vigor to achieve the great success that you perceived with open eyes.

  3. Sure hell right. I say "You need degrees until you realize that you can learn anything on your own"
    "Screw it! Let's do it"
    -- Book by Richard Branson.

  4. Neeraj, this is a thought provoking article, indeed. I think my manager is at a loss now ;)

  5. About Dreams:
    Dude, open eyed dreams are not dreams actually, but are desires. A very few of us are able to transform our such desires to aspirations. Further less are those who take initiatiive to fulfill them.

    Ask the 100 odd million of S/W professionals (and, I belive the story is same for other professions too)around and amost 60% want to venture out on there own. 60% of these 60% want to own the second Infosys, the world would see, one day. But, den watz d reality. Till date we have only a few hundred companies and only one Infy.

    About Luck:
    It matters, but favours those who are willing to risk it.

    About Learning:
    I completely agree that learning is a continous process. It's how we comprehend it and what we extract out of it?

    Combine your learnings with the extra ordinary effort to make you luck work for you in order to cherish those eternal dreams. BUT mind it, the most difficult part is initiation.

    So dude, JUST do it.
    'N u kno wot I mean!!!'

  6. Dude, every great person of all the times believed in these seven words

    'the man becomes what he thinks about'

    Dreams (ah most beautiful thing in life!!)..
    Only the difference is some try to achieve what they want and others only dream about it.

    Main point which most of us lacks is the articulation..everybody wants to be rich(talking in perspective of money) but they never articulate it. One should set a high goals and define it properly like i am going to earn 1 million bucks in this year and then he should think about 'HOW'. It really makes a difference.

    Positive affirmation makes a lot of difference as they are hundred times more stronger than negative one.

    Just ask what you want from the universe and it is given to you but you should know how to receive it. Prepare yourself to convert any opportunity and act when you get it.