Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reading versus Writing

Since long i didn't wrote anything and i have lot of excuses to make but no valid reason. Someone wisely said that barely reading suppresses your thought process and one day makes you foolish. I am experiencing the repercussions of the same bad habit of(not writing) not letting my brain work independently. Writing can be a very good pastime with astoundingly good results. Writing is a skill which you can not imitate by reading other writer's stuff. I still remember and feel the extra edge a student gains just by practicing and putting his thoughts down on paper. Don't take me otherwise, i am not against reading. In fact reading is a very good habit. Reading followed by ruminating and pondering over the subject to understand the thought process of writer is important which we must not avoid. This is also important what you read. Make sure you read less of fictional, filthy stuff and more of inspirational and motivational books. Although it is almost incorrigible when u r grown up, but the writing fad will help you improve your personality. If you don't , some day or the other you will feel the difference and its importance. So, better start it today than regretting tomorrow.

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