Friday, August 19, 2011

Gripping Struggle For Strong 'LOKPAL'.

'LOKPAL' is the buzzword after the Gandhian crusader, Anna Harare came up with a resolution to the outstanding problem of corruption. When the entire country was averring nothing can be done to eradicate this menace, he came with a solution known to the subsequent govts.but none of them tried to put efforts of ordain this bill. Critics say that this is not as effective as we think it will be. This is myth that CAG and CVC are analogous to LOKPAL . These statements are just to demystify the truth and derail the crusade against corruption. A defunct and controlled Lokpal office exists in states like Karnataka, MP , Maharashtra etc in which the most successful  in tackling corruption was Lokayukta  Santosh Hegre in Karnataka who helped demystify the illegal mining happening for decades now in North Karnataka.  He is pragmatic and an intellectual man with a strong will power. He is an important part of Anna team which included Arvind Kejriwal (an IIT graduate and now a social worker), Kiran Bedi ( a renowned Social Worker) and many more. Anna is leading the most desirable change in the history of Independent India. One of the important aspects which make it more effective when compared to previous attempts to bring Lokpal Bill is that the youth of the country is on streets with their innovative ways to express their rage. Youngsters are taking full advantage of the information age. Communication is faster than the speed of light. I am happy that this crusade make to the Time Magazine's one of the top 10 stories  Under such circumstances no one can stop us achieve our goal as the conditions are conducive to bring prosperity, growth and stability in India.
           If you ask me about my take on Lokpal Bill i would say most of the clauses in the present Lokpal are acceptable except few. Bringing PMO under the Lokpal ambit is a sensitive issue but it is not impossible. In that case Lokpal alone should not have the authority to audit PMO. A Lokpal should seek permission from CJI and President to do so. Same way bringing judiciary under Lokpal is acceptable but to scrutinize Supreme Court Judges and CJI,  Lokpal  should keep PMO office and President in confidence. Other clause which says that lower bureaucracy, CBI etc be in the ambit of Lokpal should be acceptable undoubtedly.
              I feel Anna should not have allowed politicians to share the same stage as he stated in the beginning of the stir. Now he is trying to involve Opposition which is depicted in his latest Fast day 12th December. I somehow feel that adding political flavor to the "Ann Shan" was not required. This depicts the weakness of the Anna team to fight alone.  I suspect that this issue will turn political and will end up with no results. UPA Government is bound to pass Lokpal Bill during this winter session otherwise the movement will turn to be a mass movement and bigger than any other movement happened ever before. UPA should be ready for the backwash of ignoring Anna in the upcoming assembly polls if it fails to live up to our expectations. Still we can hope for the best and welcome 2012 with a efficacious LOKPAL bill in place.

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