Monday, March 10, 2014

Stop this pseudo-secularism for God sake.

You people always talk about Gujarat riots, today I want you to pay heed towards what happened in the state of J&K where minorities were killed/butchered and are still living in pathetic conditions.
I want to ask the so called secularists that how will you justify the selective killing of minorities in the state of J&K?
How will you justify the burning of temples in J&K?
How will you justify the mass massacres of Chatti Singpura in which men, women and children were massacred by the jihadis?
How will you justify the Chapnari Doda mishap in which two newly wed couples and all the baratis who were accompanying them were massacred like the Jalianwala bagh Massacre by General Dier?
How will you justify the forceful evacuation of Kashmiri Pandits who were threatened to leave their birthplace otherwise be killed/raped at the mercy of jihadis?
How will you justify snatching of the land from the kashmiri pandit by hook or crook?
How will you justify the  recent Kishtwar riots in which shops of minorities were looted and  some of them were killed?
How will you justify the Gool/Poonch riots under the regime of NC-Congress govt in J&K.
How will you justify the attack on the Indian Army personnel who are there to safeguard the natives?
Indian Army is our lifeline and you talk about revocation of AFSPA?
How how how.??????????

Despite being a state of India, talibanisation of the state is happening still you call yourself secular? Is it justified?
I still remember the time when minorities were living in fear with no security. Prominent people of the village were selectively taken away from their families, kids and mercilessly killed and hanged.
I don't justify any killing on the name of religion? Riots are heinous and god must give all of you wisdom to analyse what secularism means.
"Be Secular first and then expect others to be Secular"


  1. well said brother......people are blind....cant c all this....shame.

  2. So true brother..its really sad what happened..don't worry..Ache din anay wale haii..Lets pray and vote for India.. :)
    Abki baar Modi sarkar