Saturday, April 26, 2014

Modi Wave or No Modi wave?

Nowadays i hear a lot of people saying that there is Modi wave in pan India but there are substantial number of people who say that there is no Modi wave. Every body is coming up with his own logic to define what should be called a Modi wave, 240+ seats for BJP or 220+ seats for BJP etc. Following are some of the snippets of what Modi wave means for some of the prominent faces:

1. PM Manmohan Singh ji said that there is no Modi wave and it is just media driven. It is very interesting to hear from the person who headed the most corrupt govt in independent India. UPA has left no stone upturned to embolden the caliber of looting our country. Intrestingly at a time when his own brother joined BJP how can he deny Namo wave. Although whatever you say Congress party will never accept that there is wave which is going to engulf them within it. Indeed on 16th May Congress party will concede that yes there was a Modi tsuname and we have lost elections to a Tea vendor.

2. Mani Shankar Aiyar questioned Modi wave and further suggested to ask Modi to open a Tea Shop outside Congress Head Office. I am sure he will be the first to start a tea selling business after he understands the caliber of a Tea Vendor immediately after 16th May. Never underestimate the power of a common man.

3. Rahul Baba always made mockery of himself by his inability to read the speeches prepared for him. I feel either the handwriting of his editor is very ugly or his editor is equally intelligent as him. Rahul Baba also denies any Modi wave and in his interview with Arnab he deliberately avoided Modi which went against him and i am sure he must be regretting that. Today whole Gandhi family along with Priyanka Vadra are attacking Modi and trying to stop the Tsunami but it is quite impossible to stop the unbeatable now. Whenever i watch him speaking i feel that a parrot is iterating what is taught to him on the other hand whenever i watch Modi i see a person who does not read his speech from a paper word by word and never misread it as Rahul Baba does. Modi also brings pages but he just keeps points which should be spoken. Rahul Baba talks about women empowerment , RTI and Food Security  and now a days he talks about snooping but i never heard him talk about 2g, Railgate, Commenwealth scam, Coalgate, Adarsh scam etc. May we humbly ask him why did't he proactively participated in the government? Why he didn't took up some ministry and show us what he a capable of doing? Are Gandhi's there in congress for only the top job? Why he doesn't talk about the Vadra Land deals  and how his brother-in-law made huge profits?

3. Arvind Kejriwal the anti corruption crusader and so called honest leader once publicly accepted that there is Modi wave but then he realised that it is politically suicidal to concede the facts. Now he also joined the bandwagon of Modi critics who are trying to ignore the Modi wave. Now a days he is asking people that what is so special about Modi that you want to vote him. Please asked him following questions which he was unable to answer:
a. You have shown a property worth crores then how come you are an AAm Aadmi. Your words "Hum to ji aam aadmi hain, hamari kta aukar hai". I believe you have shown your true colors and now stop be-fooling people.
b. You left jobs as engineer, as public servant and as CM . What is the guarantee that he will not leave if he becomes Pm which is a distant dream for him.
c.  You have double standards which are different for those with you and for those who are against you. 
d. You speak lots of lies and the numbers which you claim are politically driven.
e. You are not trustworthy as you have betrayed people in the recent past including anti corruption crusaders and the public of delhi.
f.  You are hand in hand with congress party.
g. You are an autocrat and a hypocrite because when you resigned as CM of delhi you said a minority govt is paralyzed but now you are asking for a fractured verdict. You don't care for the expenditure in re-elections and does not know how to work in a coalition government.

4.Narendra Modi wave is propaganda by corporate entities: Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, former CM of West Bengal. The rout of CPI in West Bengal is already done now there is a formality left to throw the communist mentality out of India once for all.

5. Kapil Sibbal, Dig Vijay Singh and Anand Sharma, Manish Tiwari and P Chidambram are trying to become the pandavas but actually they are the siphons of Gandhi family who always denied Modi wave. But actions speak more than words. Dig Vijay always said Modi wave is nothing and was his biggest critic but when he was asked to contest against him he refused to do so. Manish Tiwari and P Chidambram are two losers who left the battlefield 2014 without even trying their luck. 

There are many more who deny the Modi wave like Nitish Kumar, Corrupt Lalu, Mamta Banerjee and Jayalalitha but country is poised to bring the tallest leader of the country with proven track record of good governance and development model of Gujarat. Some journalists like Vinod Mehta, Kumar Ketkar, Sankarshan Thakur,  are biased and against BJP as their links with congress is well known. There are some other reasons also which i don't want to state here. So we expect them to say that there is no Modi wave. Some more reactions in the following link:

Reactions on Modi Wave by different dignitaries.

Now who will decide that weather there is any Modi wave or no Modi wave. I feel there is a Modi wave and 220+ seats will prove that there was strong anti-incumbency and pro NDA Modi wave. Arving kejriwal is also riding the anti-incumbency, promise of change, and no political baggage but i believe he as to travel some distance to eradicate congress completely because Rahul, Priyanka ,Sonia Gandhi and the Congress workers will leave no stone unturned to let him succeed. The move by congress to bring in AK49 to stop Modi failed badly and today AK49 is backfiring on congress themselves. AK49 is/was/will never be a threat to BJP as the vote bank they are relying is the same which congress, BSP, SP , JDS and other pseudoseculars are fighting for. BJP has the vote of all nation lovers who does not believe in caste, religion based politics. BJP is a party of patriots who are ready to die for nation.  60 months to BJP makes a huge difference and we have proved in the past as well. I recomend you to check the world bank site for GDP growth, reduction of debt in India during NDA regime. Think just Modi wave can bring sensex at all time high what will happen if Modi lead BJP government will be in india. Vote for NDA Vote for strong and prosperous India. Jai Jawan Jai Kisan

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