Saturday, June 19, 2021

Modi government in Covid Times

Covid 19 has brought everything to a standstill but Modi government has done an exceptional job in managing the pandemic. Initially when the whole world was rocked by covid and no one knew how to deal with this highly infectious disease Modi government took a very audacious step to implement complete lockdown in the country. The lockdown became a big controversy because daily wagers and migrants in cities who live hand to mouth were saying we will die of hunger before covid. Opposition took full advantage of the situation and corner Modi Government but on the other hand  incumbents were fighting CAA protests which were a combined outburst of political vendetta after The J&K Reorganization Act (abrogation of Article 370 and 35A), NRC push in Assam , deportation of illegal Bangladeshi/Rohingya immigrants from West bengal and other states of India and historic Ram temple verdict. Modi 2.0 was moving with an unprecedented pace and  the government fixed decades old issues within a span of 1 year. Citizenship Amendment Act was for the citizenship of persecuted Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Jains from three countries Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afganistan. Indian muslims were mislead to assume that it is against them but the fact was that muslims were excluded because the persecutors in these islamic countries are muslims. The division of the India into Pakistan and Bangladesh was based on religion and basis of acts like CAA. These protests took an ugly turn and lead to riots in Delhi where many innocents died. Delhi elections were round the corner and these protests and riots showed the ugly side of dirty politics.

It was March-April 2020, on one hand Covid was spreading and on the other hand religious gatherings, Political rallies and CAA protests were happening. Early lockdown helped India with lesser number of cases and immediately the Modi government started preparing for the worst condition. Few things which i recollect were : Oxygen plants were allotted, makeshift quarantine centers(railway trains as makeshift QC), speedy vaccine approvals and manufacturing , Ventilator manufacturing, Export of essential medicines to other needy countries , food for the poor Ration card holders, help for the farmers , online education, bringing up the morale of the citizens etc. Not to my surprise opposition made fun of Modi ji but the whole world was praising the leadership shown by Modi ji by rising to the occasion and filling the void in World leadership in these trying times. 

Before second wave hit India, most of the Indians along with the State and Union government thought that their immune system is good and Covid had no impact on Indian citizens. Mumbai Locals were back on track, Farms reforms and the following protests were going on, Kumbh Mela was allowed, Elections were conducted in 4 states and this lead to the rise of cases. Before the last phase of elections a Naxal attack and Chattisgarh, abduction of a CRPF Jawan followed by man made crisis/panic was created in Delhi . Oxygen cylinders , essential drugs and hospital beds became a rare commodity and black marketers and opportunists took this condition for a ride. Blame game started and everyone pounced on Modi government as if he is the culprit. No one blamed Mumbai Local trains where 2nd wave hit first or farmers protests where millions gathered/ marched in the national capital. Modi government took cognizance of the matter and brought in control the panic situation, made free vaccines available to all and tracked Oxygen plants projects. Now the corona cases have come down and the vaccination drive is fast paced.

 I am an optimist and i admire Modi ji for handling the situation very well. It is easy to blame others but very difficult to take the blame. We need to be politically smart to make a call if he is the one who deserves the blame or not. It is my perspective but a does is better than the one who watches from the fence or cries like helpless Delhi CM when i trouble. We had faced Chinese aggression on the borders too and a befitting reply was given to the manufacturer of Wuhan Virus. Let us make a better judgement and become responsible citizens. Let us join hands to stop spread of virus by wearing mask,  social distancing, vaccinating etc. I would like to thank all the front like workers especially our Nurses, Doctors, Healthcare workers, Pharmacists, Vaccine Manufacturers , Online education providers, Teachers and every one of you. These were very tough times and i am sure we shall overcome this. 

Jai Hind Jai Bharat. 

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