Wednesday, March 10, 2010

UPA trying to lure Women on Woman's day.

The inference of introducing Women reservation on Woman's day is to lure country's women folk, so that people can forget other issues including price rise and Weak foreign policy. I have a question What is the need of reservation in general? Is UPA trying to prove that women of this country is weak and they need reservation. I believe we are trying to set wrong example in front of Indian citizens. We are not teaching them how to fight in this competitive world. I believe not only women but even others who are in reserved category should question and remove category stamp from their life. How do you feel when somebody says this seat is reserved for you? This simply means that you are not capable of acquiring this by your own. You are offered this as a piece of mercy. Now question is how many of us want shower of mercy in their life. I can't answer this, may be some of you can ask yourself. India needs people who are not dependent on mercy. Be capable enough to prove your worth or you will be worthless. You guys can change system by rejecting any mercy on you. Now choice is yours mercy~reservation or no mercy ~ no reservation.


  1. Right on the head of the nail, I m against reservations of all types based on gender , caste , state , city in all walks of life, however not when travelling in Indian Railways :). I do feel that by providing reservations we are making them more weak as now they will have more opportuinities for very less effort, so we are depriving these women of challenges to be at par with men and prove to the world. I m not sure how women take this as :-?. Also we have seen in Villages where women were made Sarpanch and still the power was in the hands of men. So what is the advantage of power where you will not be able to use it based on own thinking?. This is a political gimmick to show the women that they are cared for and later giving the jobs etc which are of not much value.

  2. See how Mamta and Maya are desperate to show that they care women folk of this country.

  3. As they say, Men and women are equal, if it is so why the hell they need reservation.

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  5. Dear Neeraj,
    Reservation is similar to alms being doled out to a beggar at a traffic light.
    I can understand that in 1950 we started the concept of resv for 10 years. Now it's been 50 years!
    This is just an extension of the divide and rule policy, that's all.
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