Thursday, April 22, 2010

Price Rise Issue: Is this right way to corner Good Governance?

Introspecting yesterdays BJP's show off in new Delhi, i felt pity for them. This insane behavior brought nothing more than shame and disgust for the fainted and tainted opposition party. It is quite possible that once my favorites may get some benefit out of it. But i don't feel that everyone see price rise eye to eye. UPA is working elegantly and leaving no stone unturned to give good governance to the people of India. Hats off to UPA, how they are handling moists, terrorism in J&K and NE states. The way UPA handled situation post mumbai attack is mind blowing. The way UPA cornered Pakistan diplomatically by raising misuse of Pak Land for jihadi and terror training camps in front of world community is remarkable and had a huge impact on world initiative to eradicate terrorism. Other than junior external affairs minister no one in cabinet is in news for wrong reasons. Mr Minister tarnished the image of youth by his aberrant and barbaric behavior. This is another setback to people who believed that youth can bring change. What i say is that one bad experience can not be the universal truth and decide the fate of so many. Mr. Tharoor is either very cunning or foolish. Since he joined politics he is always in news. Anyways this is one part of UPA, well i am sure they will come up with some rectification method. The all-round performance of UPA is convincingly winning the hearts of the people. Let me go back to BJP's enticement . It is bad to say that price rise can be controlled by Government. The time when most of the countries in the world are in resource crunch, How come UPA govt. help in less cost of imported goods. Moreover with the sixth pay commission, if your salaries are almost doubled then why are you expecting that expenditure on commodities and services will be cheap. The person from whom you buy any service or commodity deserves increase in his income. Then whether it is essential commodity or not, it does not matter. Another important aspect of this is that it is cumbersome for more than half of the people in India to sustain. But again "survival of fittest" is the correct analogy for this. Once is poor is not always poor. You need to cross the barricade and move with others. Other way i should say you will lag behind if you don't move fast and that is what is happening. In short none of the Govt. in the past lead to price rise by will. It is the facade of opposition to lure illiterate folks. Actually NDA should go through ablution before criticizing UPA. We should thank PM MMS and Congress Chairperson to give us good governance. I salute you and your pledge to save the country.Please join me in congratulating UPA for its noteworthy governance.

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